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Deadline: TBD

SPACES in not accepting applications for the R&D program at this time. If you would like up to date information about events at SPACES please "like" us on Facebook or subscribe to our email newsletter (at the bottom of this page).

Applications are reviewed once each year. To ensure applications are considered in a timely manner, please coordinate so your application arrives at SPACES by the posted deadlines on our website. These are not postmark deadlines.


This call-for-entries is open to all established or emerging artists, curators and cultural producers who are 21 years old or older. Applications must show promise and strong conceptual grounding. As the name of the program suggests, we're looking for artists who are delving into or willing to delve into research and then developing that research into projects.

Detour: Arzu Ozkal

Application Details

Each application must include: a completed application form, 150-word artist/curatorial statement, one-page C.V., 10-15 still image work samples OR 2-3 two-minute segments of audio and/or video (or appropriate combination of images, video, audio and web-based work), work sample list and application fee.

Incomplete or inaccurately assembled applications will not be considered. Notifications of acceptance or rejection will be sent via email. Please update your contact information if anything changes before you receive notification.

What to Send via Mail

A completed hardcopy of the application form, application fee and one CD that includes work samples,work sample list, artist/curatorial statement and C.V. All materials should be mailed to SPACES to arrive on or before the posted deadline.

What to Include on the CD

Work samples, a work sample list, a 150-word artist/curatorial statement and one-page C.V. should be submitted on one CD-R. Most text documents should be in PDF format (except as indicated below) and no larger than 1MB each. Free online services can convert most documents to PDF. Each PDF should be no larger than 1MB. Name each file according to the following format where "artistslastname" is the last name of the artist or name of the artist collective:

  • artistslastname_statement.pdf
  • artistslastname_cv.pdf
  • artistslastname_worksamplelist.pdf

All filenames should be in lowercase with no spaces.


Each application should include a 150-word artist/curatorial statement succinctly describing the artist's work or proposed project. Statements longer than 150 words will not be considered. Please refrain from frilly artspeak. The statement should be in PDF format.


Include a one-page C.V. listing the artist/curator's birthdate (to verify that the applicant is 21 or older), education, significant exhibitions/events & bibliography. The C.V. should be in PDF format.

Work Samples

Work samples must have been completed within the last two years. All submitted materials (CDs and DVDs) should be clearly labeled with the artist's name and address. Curatorial proposals should include work samples from artists in the proposal.

  • Images: 10-15 digital images should be submitted in JPG format, 72 dpi, no larger than 1MB each, burned to a CD-R. No DVDs or CD-RWs of still images will be accepted. Please do not submit images in PDF, Flash, PowerPoint, or Kodak picture format. Please label all images in the following format: number_artistslastname_title.jpg where "number" is in a two-digit format and refers to the order in which you wish the image to appear; "artistslastname" is the last name of the artist or name of the artist collective; and "title" is the title of the piece. All text should be lowercase with no spaces. Examples would look like this:
    • 04_grosse_skrownorepap.jpg or
    • 09_guerrillagirls_dearestelibroad.jpg
  • Video: Video should be submitted on a CD-R (not DVD) as 2-3 segments of two minutes each. Files should be no larger than 40MB and in .mov or .m4v format. We can now also accept videos hosted on YouTube or Vimeo that are not password protected. URLs to the appropriate videos' pages should be listed in a plain text document with only a space between URLs like this:
    • http://vimeo.com/36930373 http://youtu.be/6ymKUIlIzpg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ubp9tYjhpHU
    This plain text document (.txt) should be named with the artist's last name and the word "sites" using no spaces or punctuation other than a hyphen like this:
    • grosse-sites.txt or
    • guerrillagirls-sites.txt
    Please only submit video art, or video documentation of an art piece that requires video to be fully experienced. Do not send video walk-throughs of static exhibitions or video slide shows.
  • Audio: Audio should be submitted as separate MP3 files on CD. Each track should be no longer than 2 minutes. Follow the filename format for works as indicated above.
  • Web-Based: Web-based work should be submitted as URLs to the appropriate project(s) page(s) listed in a plain text document with only a space between URLs like this:
    • http://www.myawesomeproject.com http://thiswillblowyourmind.org/myproject/index.html http://allyourbasearebelongtous.net/index.php
    This plain text document (.txt) should be named with the artist's last name using no spaces or punctuation other than a hyphen as indicated in the "video" section above.

    Please only submit web-based projects. A portfolio website that features audio/video art and still images won't be considered. If submitting both video and web-based work, the projects may be listed in the same .txt file.
  • If you wish to submit work that includes multiple formats, you can calculate the appropriate amount of material to submit by using this equation: 2-minute audio/video clip = 1 website = 5 images.
  • Include a work sample list that corresponds to the submitted materials, indicating file name, title, date, dimensions/duration, media and one brief explanatory note (if applicable) for each piece. The Work Sample List should be in PDF format.

Application Fee

A non-refundable application fee of $10, payable to SPACES, is charged to cover handling and processing of applications. The fee must be submitted in the form of personal check or money order, or paid online at


Current SPACES Season Pass holders or members may apply for free. That's right: free. If you are unsure of your current membership standing, please call SPACES.

Application Evaluation

Applications are evaluated by a porous committee of artists, community members, board members and SPACES staff. In some instances, artists are invited to participate in R&Dwithout submitting an application. Applicants will be notified via email as soon as possible after the review on the status of their application. Please do not call or email to follow up. No materials will be returned. Please do not include a SASE.

FAQs (or the questions we assume you'll ask)

Q: I have applied to SPACES before, do I need to apply again?
A: Yes. Even if we retained your material for future consideration, we would like to see your more recent work.

Q: I exhibited at SPACES in _____. Can I apply again?
A: Give it at least a two year rest before you apply again.

Q: What does this do for me?
A: You will gain more of a relationship with SPACES and its staff who will do what they can to help you further your ideas. You get an honorarium, public project and press. Sounds good to me.

Q: I see that you did a show last year about _______. My work deals with those same issues, should I apply this year?
A: You can, but I wouldn't have high hopes. To avoid being too repetitive, we will most likely steer clear of shows and artists that are too similar in back-to-back years.

Q: I am a traditional landscape/figurative/still life painter/photographer/sculptor. Should I apply to exhibit at SPACES?
A: You can, but I wouldn't if I were you. Our mission statement asserts our dedication to artists who explore and experiment. If your work doesn't have strong conceptual grounding and isn't striving to test boundaries, we may not be a good fit. It's not you, it's us.

Q: I am a traditional landscape/figurative/still life painter/photographer/sculptor but I make my work blindfolded/hanging upside down/some other schtick. Should I apply to exhibit at SPACES?
A: See previous answer.

Q: I am a landscape/figurative/still life painter/photographer/sculptor but I make my work as a examination of these histories and methods and my work is firmly based in contemporary theory. Should I apply to exhibit at SPACES?
A: Bring it on.

Q: In my artist/curatorial statements, I really like to use phrases like, "My work is a de-contextualization of gender identities", "My work fabricates a matrix that engages paradigms of beauty," "Body as text", and "My pieces function as the nexus of post-modern theories of consumerism and environment through the use of ephemeral materials that hint at the sublime." Is that an appropriate way to talk about my work?
A: We have no problems with work that deals in those issues, but please find some other way of talking about it.

Q: It sounds like you're not interested in older artists. Is that true?
A: That is patently false. We are interested in all artists, 21 and over, who are doing thoughtful experimental work. However, if you've ever sincerely used the phrases, "Kids these days", "That Matlock is a great lawyer", or "Get off my lawn", you may want to reconsider applying.

Q: Will being a member of SPACES help my chances of being selected?
A: Nope. As a current SPACES' member, you can apply to our R&D program for free, but it won't affect our decisions. We sincerely appreciate the support.

Q: What is dpi?
A: It stands for Dots per Inch and is often used synonymously with ppi or Pixels per Inch. It refers to the resolution of an image, or how many ink dots, or pixels appear inside one linear inch. The higher the dpi number, the more dots or pixels will appear resulting in higher resolution and a better picture. Most computer screens only handle 72 ppi, so anything higher than that creates larger file sizes without increasing the resolution.

Q: I don't know how to format images/video/sound digitally for submission. What should I do?
A: Rely on the kindness of friends... and Google.

Q: Digital images don't do my work justice. Can I bring my work to the gallery for review?
A: Nope.

Q: What is a work sample list?
A: This is a list that the selection committee uses as a point of reference while viewing your work samples. A good work sample list includes the following information: artist's name (usually listed at the top), filename, title, year, media, dimensions/duration and a brief explanatory note for each piece as needed. A good work sample list is easy to read and uses a legible typeface and font size. Keep in mind that these are often viewed in low-light situations and each image is up for only a short period of time. Overly verbose explanations of each piece will not be completely read before the image disappears from the screen.

Q: What is a PDF?
A: PDF stands for Portable Document Format. It is often a preferred format for two-dimensional information since PDF viewing software is free and ubiquitous as opposed to more proprietary formats like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, etc. It is also less susceptible to viral infection than some other formats.

Q: Should I send a contact sheet of my images for reference?
A: Please send only what we ask for.

Q: Should I send postcards/catalogs/reviews of my work along with my application?
A: Please refer to the previous answer.

Q: Can I drop off my application at SPACES in person.
A: Yes.

Q: Can I pay my entry fee online?
A: Yes! You may pay your fee here: https://www.spacesgallery.org/shop/category/merchandise

Q: When will I be notified of acceptance/rejection?
A: Reviews of work typically happen within a month of the deadline. We then have some clerical/boring things to do after that. Please don't call or email SPACES to ask about the status of your application unless four months has passed beyond the initial deadline. If your work arrived after the deadline, we will keep the materials for the next review. In that case, you'll have to wait a longer time.

Q: Do I get to choose if I want to be in a group or solo format?
A: You have the choice to include your work or not. The nature of the projects is decided by the SPACES staff and programming committee. If you do not agree with the platform SPACES selects for your work, you can gracefully decline participation.

Q: Does SPACES have insurance that will cover my artwork?
A: Yes. The specifics can be discussed if you are selected.

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Image above: Arzu Ozkal, Love at First Site (performance still from opening of Detour), 2010

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