Axel Ruoff


Axel Ruoff's (Born in Munich, Germany. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany) work is grounded in his study of literature and philosophy at the Free University in Berlin and the University of Provence in Marseille. Ruoff's film and literary works examines the intersection between reality and fiction and the contradictions between the two. Recent exhibitions include Luxury, 48 Hours Neukölln (2011), Berlin; The Golden Apple, Snow White Reloaded (2011); Modern Märchen in Berliner Underground - U10, Potsdamer Platz Station, Berlin (2010); Iaspis Open House, Iaspis, Stockholm (2009); In Addition, Linzer Schlossmuseum, Linz, Austria (2008); and Cornischon. The Story of Ressurection (2008).


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