Glenn Ratusnik

Glenn Ratusnik makes etchings of once-natural landscapes perpetually altered and transformed through human interventions. Ratusnik sees the topography of the etching plate as comparable to the thin crust of the earth. Deploying a traditional printmaking process, he successively reworks his plate to present a metaphor of how humans transform the landscape. The result is a suite of images that conveys meaning through not only content, but process.


Glenn Ratusnik received his BFA in Printmaking from Kent State University. He has shown at Notre Dame College, Cleveland, OH; FAVA Gallery, Oberlin, OH; Bay Arts, Bay Village, OH; Zygote Press, Cleveland, OH, Visible Voice, Tremont, OH; and more.


"I work with images of the landscape as metaphors for time and change. Our relationship with the land is reciprocal. We can alter the land and change the view. The landscape we see can affect our interaction with it.
"I see the topography of the etching


Lakewood, OH

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