Sara Rabinowitz

Sara Rabinowitz is currently the Fibers Coordinator and Visiting Professor in the Fibers Department at the University of Oregon. Previously she was a faculty member at the Cleveland Institute of Art in the Fiber and Material Studies department.

Rabinowitz has exhibited with Prospect I, New Orleans, LA; Reinberger Gallery, Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, OH; Betty Rymer Gallery Chicago, IL; Sculpture Center LIC, NY; Project Space, Chicago, IL; Dan Tague Giola Gallery, Chicago, IL; Base Space, Chicago, IL; Dirt Palace, Olneyville, RI; Woods Gerry Gallery, RISD, Providence, RI; and The Arcade, Providence, RI.

Her work centers around fibers and weaving as a means to and metaphor for social interaction. Recently she has been raising silkworms and humanely harvesting their silk for her practice.



Springfield, OR

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