Sarah Chuldenko

For The Big Bang catalogue, Sarah Chuldenko writes, "Tragedy and beauty exist simultaneously. A post-apocalyptic life. A feeding, breeding cancer. Deforming, reforming, alive. Destructive living cells. Nourishment and consumption. A spontaneous explosion of repulsion and desire. Shock and awe."


Sarah Chuldenko was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1978. She has lived and worked in New York City for the past 10 years and now resides in Los Angeles, California. She earned her MFA in Painting from New York Art Academy and BFA in Painting from The Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, OH. Chuldenko has shown at Nellie Castan Gallery, Melbourne, Australia; Fake Estate, New York City; Phillips de Pury, New York City; Vision Art Gallery, Cleveland; and James Cohan Gallery, New York City, among others.



Los Angeles, CA

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