Sharon Paz


Artist Statement

I develop installations using mainly the medium of video and performance, along drawings and objects. They are related to a social and political context in relation to my biography. The works are telling a story which is visual, non linear and fragmented. I use layers of different timelines within one space, creating a new construction of reality.

My inspiration comes from the space around me, visual inputs of daily existence and images from the media. I am drawn into images that present conflicted situations and create an absurd situation. I was born and raised in Israel, a country that bears many conflicts, a cultural mix of diverse origins and beliefs. Since then I lived in New York for seven years and later moved to Berlin where I live and work today.

In the last years I have worked with shadows, black silhouettes and images that are created from filming actors. I then edit and mask the images into a generic outline where the viewer can fill in his own imagination and reflection. Dark humor and ambiguity are part of the tools I use - is it a real war or just a child's game? I wish to raise questions about the perception of home, land, migration, nationalism, war and violence.


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