Esmerelda   10.30.13

SPACES Disco Dada Dreamscape benefit is happening this Saturday from 7pm till 1 am. Clearly one of the best events of the year! This year, new local band, Esmerelda, will be playing during the V.I.P. hour.

If you love chilling or grooving Esmerelda is for you. The Esmerelda sound is a mix of hip hop jazz to funk, with lovely keyboard playing and some sweet beats from the drummer.

The Band:
Eli Hanley - keyboard
Hanley, studies at Tri-C and is the reincarnation of the 70s psychedelic movement.

Matt Davis – bass
Davis is new to the Cleveland scene and studies at Tri-C.

Danny Fernandez - drums
Fernandez is a student at CSU who performs at a variety of different
music venues around Cleveland.

E.S. Glen – vocals
The special addition to the group is an amazing freestyle rap artist, and an avid cartoonist.

Esmerelda will be putting the groove in disco dada and dreamscape at the SPACES benefit, come experience Esmerelda.

by Iris Rozman

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The Countdown Begins   10.24.13

With only a little over a week left until the big day, it is already not hard to tell that SPACES is getting ready for a fantastic night. Artists are coming and going bringing artwork to line the walls, there are cookies out for the board members, and excitement is in the air. It's as if the holidays have come early this year, but instead of holiday colors we'll wear our go-go boots and mustaches!

The hustle around here is contagious, with everyone getting ready for the big day. The silent auction is really coming together as the gallery is filled with great artwork waiting to be put on display.

The disco balls are going up, the phones are going off, and the SPACES family is wasting no time while dreams of dada dance in our heads.

On Saturday, November 2nd, SPACES is the place to be.
The Disco Dada Dreamscape is an experience you won't forget.

To preview artwork in the silent auction please go to this link

The Lure of Roaring Waters by Lori Kella
The Lure of Roaring Waters by Lori Kella

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Bring us your 12x12!   10.14.13

Calling calling calling artists!

Disco Dada Dreamscape, The 35th Dimension - 12x12 sale

The 12x12 sale will take place during our annual benefit party, Saturday, November 02, 2013, 8:00PM - 1:00AM.

Art is 12x12 inches or smaller, valued at and will sell for $75 .
To donate artwork to the 12x12 please fill out the form below.

Artwork does not need to fit within the theme of the party. But your pants do.

NOW...Then get your costumes ready…

For more details or if you have questions on anything contact Marilyn at or check out this link for FAQ

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Hey it's me the artist!   08.19.13

So I made some artwork for SPACES. You can see it this Friday if you want. Well I would love for you to see it because I made it and I worked really hard on it.

Back in March Chris Lynn called me up and said that the proposal I submitted was met with skeptical approval and then over the course of a few hour coffee infused brainstorm sesh about what a Brandon Juhasz show at SPACES might look like I had a plan. Sort of, I guess. You see with art it never really goes as planned. At least not with fickle, ever changing, neurotic me…the artist. Mrs. Doubt….fire.

You know what they say. With great programming/venue comes great responsibility. And as the R&D artist I had to fulfill the research and development quotient. I had to fill dem shoes. The experimentation. Stepping out of ones very comfy and cozy zone to reach for and try new things is the cornerstone of this program. So I did, I think. What would normally be the end product trademark Brandon style framed medium-sized archival inkjet photograph is now a full installation of image objects. A photographic scene set up as I would in my studio-for-ants on a tabletop is made to scale to experience as a tangible simulacrum of the photographic experience.

I hope too with this experience to let the viewer re-photograph what I have presented to create yet another filtered layer of photography and experience. You can email me your pictures to for uploading to There visitors photos will be archived to see a group collection of interpretation.

The idea behind Paradise. Pair a Dice comes mostly from personal reflection and the notion of ideals. Using everyday iconography in unexpected ways I am exploring where I find myself in relationship to contemporary American culture in regards to expectations, desire and responsibilities of adulthood that I may or may not have realized would be when I was younger. I also am thinking about how we live today. Always straddling reality and fantasy, expectations and their often far off realities.

Being selected as an R&D artist is a great honor and one that comes with a big space to fill both literally and figuratively. I hope my show is as enjoyable and challenging to the visitors of SPACES as it was for me in making it.

Thanks SPACES for the wonderful opportunity and I hope to see y'all out on Friday.


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Artwood Derby 2013: The SPACES Cup WINNERS   07.09.13

Here are the 2013 SPACES Cup Winners!!! YEAH!
check out the images from this years event

Entry Categories
Fastest (must abide by regulations)
Cars made for speed
WINNER: A.R.M. by Ethan Loderstedt

Hottest Mess
Your car may not even move, but it looks good going nowhere.
WINNER: Tribute by Adam Tully

Best of Show
For overall goodness. This car need not be fast or even pretty, but should blow the judge's socks off.
WINNER: Vanquish by Van Edwin Nutter

WINNER: Cat by Maya Simmons

Winner: the Fastest - Ethan Loderstedt  Artwood Derby 2013
Winner: the Fastest - Ethan Loderstedt Artwood Derby 2013

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