2014 - 15 Graphic Designer Fellowship   05.06.14

SPACES is extending our mission of being "the public forum for artists who explore and experiment" to graphic designers, through our SPACES Graphic Designer Fellowship.

We will use our quarterly Field Guide publication and other print and web-based collateral to showcase emerging talent in graphic design and increase the number of cultural producers who participate in our programs each year. Those selected will be able to leave their creative mark on SPACES' graphic design projects that promote the transformational work we support through our main programs and upcoming capital campaign.

Fellows will be involved in all aspects of the design process, including brainstorming, developing the graphic identities for projects, and review process, and will serve a crucial role in the development of the SPACES aesthetic.

The Fellow will be asked to ensure that the SPACES brand identity remains consistent, while including playful elements that are appropriate to the organization's ethos.

The Fellow will be asked to find exciting design strategies within an established template for our quarterly 16-page "Field Guide" booklet and apply creativity to the development of a design for some or all of the following: Annual Appeal (rack card), Benefit (4 panel brochure), Monster Drawing Rally (post card), Season Pass/Quarter Art mailers (3 panel brochure), and/or graphics for web.

The design/ownership/copyright and original source (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop) files must remain the property of SPACES, and all work created as part of this Fellowship will be the shared property of SPACES-for indefinite use-and the Fellow.

The Fellow will have a knowledge of standard protocols to prepare all documents for the printing process.

The functional requirements of the Fellowship opportunity may vary in length, depending onthe scope of the project.

Work on Field Guides garners a $600 honorarium. Fellows will receive a set honorarium for production of additional materials, which varies from project to project.

Fellows will receive portfolio development; their work will be highlighted on the SPACES blog and through our social media platforms. On printed matter and web-based projects, Fellows will receive design credit.

Please submit the following in one .pdf file:
-Statement that describes your interest in this opportunity and what you could bring to the SPACES visual identity;
-Current CV or résumé with URL listed;
-Three professional references (please include contact information);
-3 to 5 examples of relevant graphic design work.

This is an ongoing open call. Please submit all materials and inquiries to

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SPACES Field Guide is here!   04.29.14

We're so excited that the May - July 2014 Field Guide is here! Find it in your mailbox, in galleries and other awesome places around town, and right here.

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THE CONGRESS   03.04.14

SPACES is a proud community sponsor of THE CONGRESS ( at the 38th Cleveland International Film Festival. From the CIFF site:

Ever wonder what Robin Wright (The Princess Bride, Forest Gump) has been up to the past couple years? Well, you're about to find out. Set in an alternate reality that could only come from the mind of Ari Folman, Robin Wright is about to sell her body to the Hollywood mega-studio "Miramount." (Sound familiar?) Miramount is going to scan every inch of her body and digitally control her image. They can cast her in any role they'd like: Oscar®-bait, sci-fi movies, even pornography. While the digitized Robin is out earning the studio massive profits, a new technology emerges: the ability to become other people through an advanced chemical form of virtual reality. Suddenly, Robin finds herself in a surreal animated world full of magical wonder and not-so-earthly delights. But as Robin falls further down the virtual rabbit hole, she also fades from the ones who love her most. Part live action and part spectacular animation, THE CONGRESS is an ambitious sci-fi allegory that reinvents itself at every turn. -C.P.


Friday, March 21, 4:45 PM
Saturday, March 22, 9:20 PM
Year: 2013
Director: Ari Folman
Run Time: 122 minutes

Email SPACES at for a special $2 off ticket discount code for the movie.

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Farewell from Christopher Lynn   06.26.13

Within the next few minutes, I'll be walking out of SPACES for the last time as its executive director. I leave SPACES to try something new—trying something new is a basic tenet of SPACES. The past five years have been a whirlwind of activity upon which I often don't pause to reflect.

Since 1978, the founders of SPACES, longtime directors like Susan Channing, and board and staff members built up a monument to life*. As nice as it would be to have a stoic, static monument, I'm glad SPACES is a living, breathing, changing organism that is continually asking, "What if...?"

What if we challenge Clevelanders to pull an 8-ton truck across the city? What if we ask people if capitalism works for them via a large light-up sign? What if we string colored ribbon across a snow-covered vacant lot during a Cleveland winter? What if we challenge traditional exhibition formats by offering an 8-week school instead that invited participants to classes on frosting graffiti, circuit bending and vandalism tourism?

Wendell Berry said, "The mind that is not baffled is not employed." SPACES baffles. SPACES reminds us that we are alive, thinking, smart, astute and aware without being pretentious or condescending.

I love the staff at SPACES—Martha, Marilyn, Kate and Michelle are fantastic and deserve five encores of applause and a hug from everyone they meet. They will carry SPACES well (since they do most of the heavy lifting, anyway). The board at SPACES has been fantastic at finding the balance between giving us enormous freedom while keeping us accountable and responsible. I will value the friends I have made through my association with SPACES, and I will hold close the artists and their projects that happened under my watch. I thank all the people who gave their time, talents and resources to make our bizarre ideas come to life. And I look forward to making a new friend—whoever the new executive director will be. They will be great and they will have a great organization to steer.

You should support whoever that is, and support SPACES. There aren't many organizations like it in the world, and we're lucky enough to have it in Cleveland.

I'll see you all at the next opening, but as a patron.

*If SPACES were a traditional monument, I like to think it would be a giant sculpture of a thumbs up or a high five that mere mortals could approach and slip it some skin.

Image: Steve Lambert, "Capitalism Works for Me! True/False," 2011. Photo courtesy of the artist.

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2013 May Field Guide Here Digitally NOW!   05.14.13

Due to some printing snags, our May Field Guides will be arriving a little later than we'd hoped. No fear! You can see everything in advance now using the miracles of modern technology! BEHOLD!

Download PDF

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