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Deitch @ MoCA (Edward_ Winkleman)
"In a world in which being an alleged drug abuser who ran every company your family managed to give you into the ground doesn't automatically disqualify you from becoming President of the United States and being a member of the Nazi Youth organization doesn't automatically disqualify you from becoming the Pope, why does being a small business owner who puts his money where his vision is in supporting artists automatically disqualify you from becoming a museum director?"

MOCA contender may be an unorthodox choice (Los Angeles Times)
"L.A.s Museum of Contemporary Art is poised to name its new director Monday morning, and one of the names circulating through the art world is Jeffrey Deitch, a high-flying New York art dealer who, if chosen, would be a radical break from the usual museum-world pattern."

Author: Christopher Lynn, Executive Director
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