What's Up, Cleveland?   12.16.14

SPACES wants to do a studio visit with you as part of our new initiative, What's Up Cleveland? We'll take viewers into the core of the creative process by filming conversations with Cleveland artists as they make their work and posting the visits on this blog. We'll be setting up studio visits on a rolling basis through 2015, but the deadline to sign up is April 30th.

Contact Christina Vassallo ( to schedule a studio visit.

Author: Christina Vassallo, Executive Director

Look who stopped by SPACES   12.13.14

Progressive Employees explore SPACES.

Kristin Rogers (SPACES' Board member and Progressive Art Education and Communications Manager) brought the Employees of Progressive who are part of the Progressive DAQ Leads program to SPACES. The visit took place this week to learn about SPACES, our current exhibition, with the artist Colin Lyons and Irina Spicaka, and the connections between SPACES and Progressive Art Collection.

Thanks Kristin!

Kristin Rogers with Progressive employees
Kristin Rogers with Progressive employees

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Author: Marilyn Ladd-Simmons, Gallery Manager
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Be a walking SPACES billboard   12.04.14

Show your love of exploration and experimentation with the new SPACES tote. Your friends will be impressed by the cultural cache you gain by publicly announcing your affiliation with such a cool alternative art space.

Our very own Executive Director and Residency Coordinator hand-pulled each tote and sealed them with a kiss, just in time for the holiday season. They're great for packing full of locally-made art. The natural cotton totes measure 15" x 16" and include a royal purple version of the SPACES logo. Limited edition of 35, $12 each.

Buy it NOW

Super SPACES intern Bree with her fancy new tote!
Super SPACES intern Bree with her fancy new tote!

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Author: Christina Vassallo, Executive Director
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Alliance for Artist Communities 2014 Conference   10.24.14

I attended the Alliance for Artist Communities annual conference in Charleston, SC this week. This was my first time at the event; I had been invited previously to present a Flux Death Match-style panel discussion but chose not to go when I found out that travel and accommodations for presenters isn't covered, nor do they receive free entry to the entire conference (only the day on which they present). Things might be different this year, but three years ago it seemed important to take a stand against what I dramatically refer to as the "exploitation of content providers," especially during a conference that is tailored to support and educate advocates of creative communities.

So, I was especially grateful to have received a generous travel grant from Ohio Arts Council this year to attend. It's really important to get out of the bubble of the Cleveland art scene and enter a bubble of another kind for at least one week out of the year--the bubble of arts administrators who run residency programs, and our allies. There were keynote speeches, tours to a taxidermy studio and galleries, pop up performances, talks about experimental and process-oriented residencies, and roundtable discussions of all sorts that might somehow influence SPACES work at some point.

With so many different kinds of niche residency programs, it's hard to please all of the people all of the time, but the field is so expansive that the Alliance (or some other organization) might consider investigating a different tip of the artist communities iceberg. The needs of writers, visual artists, artisans, dancers, process-oriented artists, social practice artists, filmmakers, etc are vastly different and there is no one-size-fits-all method for this field. And, like many other conferences, the manufactured importance lies in the attendees' belief that there are so many things they don't know and they really need this conference to tell them how it's done, rather than enter into an environment that celebrates the numerous creative approaches to residency programs and develops ways to keep them relevant.

Maybe it's time for a new kind of conference about residencies. Who's in?

Inside a taxidermist's studio
Inside a taxidermist's studio

Author: Christina Vassallo, Executive Director
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Art Historical Selfies at CMA with Douglas Paulson   10.22.14

The SPACES annual benefit + art auction + costume party, Optical Delusions: Last Days on the Viaduct, is just 10 days way! Here is an excerpt from a conversation with NYC-based artist Douglas Paulson, who is a frequent Cleveland visitor and contributor to this year's benefit.

Bruce Edwards (SPACES Residency Coordinator): Hello Doug, I was told that you were doing an experiential piece for the Benefit here at SPACES. I want to know more about it. Can you give me some details?

Douglas Paulson (Cultural Instigator): WELL, I'm trying to figure out an appropriate image to send you all re: Art Historical Selfies. I'm imagining spending the day at the museum with whoever buys the experience, and developing 12 images together that deal with the works of the museum and the architecture by conflating the high art tradition of portraiture and the low culture phenomenon of selfies. I think selfies naturally lend themselves to institutional critique, which I'd like to exploit.

Bruce: What will the person who wins the bid take home, after your selfie experience? 

Doug: 12 selfies!  - which could be posted to social media or printed.

Bruce: Of course! Duh. 

Doug: Bruce -- I'm not sure how you all are planning on presenting the idea. Would it be helpful for me to design something to represent it?

Bruce: Yes. I think if you give us something that we can place on the wall, and on the mobile bidding website, that should work great.

Doug: I'm on the case!

Author: Bruce Edwards, swap coordiantor
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