2014 - 15 Graphic Designer Fellowship   05.06.14

SPACES is extending our mission of being "the public forum for artists who explore and experiment" to graphic designers, through our SPACES Graphic Designer Fellowship.

We will use our quarterly Field Guide publication and other print and web-based collateral to showcase emerging talent in graphic design and increase the number of cultural producers who participate in our programs each year. Those selected will be able to leave their creative mark on SPACES' graphic design projects that promote the transformational work we support through our main programs and upcoming capital campaign.

Fellows will be involved in all aspects of the design process, including brainstorming, developing the graphic identities for projects, and review process, and will serve a crucial role in the development of the SPACES aesthetic.

The Fellow will be asked to ensure that the SPACES brand identity remains consistent, while including playful elements that are appropriate to the organization's ethos.

The Fellow will be asked to find exciting design strategies within an established template for our quarterly 16-page "Field Guide" booklet and apply creativity to the development of a design for some or all of the following: Annual Appeal (rack card), Benefit (4 panel brochure), Monster Drawing Rally (post card), Season Pass/Quarter Art mailers (3 panel brochure), and/or graphics for web.

The design/ownership/copyright and original source (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop) files must remain the property of SPACES, and all work created as part of this Fellowship will be the shared property of SPACES-for indefinite use-and the Fellow.

The Fellow will have a knowledge of standard protocols to prepare all documents for the printing process.

The functional requirements of the Fellowship opportunity may vary in length, depending onthe scope of the project.

Work on Field Guides garners a $600 honorarium. Fellows will receive a set honorarium for production of additional materials, which varies from project to project.

Fellows will receive portfolio development; their work will be highlighted on the SPACES blog and through our social media platforms. On printed matter and web-based projects, Fellows will receive design credit.

Please submit the following in one .pdf file:
-Statement that describes your interest in this opportunity and what you could bring to the SPACES visual identity;
-Current CV or résumé with URL listed;
-Three professional references (please include contact information);
-3 to 5 examples of relevant graphic design work.

This is an ongoing open call. Please submit all materials and inquiries to

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David Russell Stempowski by Christopher Auerbach-Brown   05.05.14

SPACES asked Christopher Auerbach-Brown, our visiting The Vault curator, to pose a few questions to the sound artists participating in Apopheny – Epiphany: What is Random?, opening on May 30th. Here, David Russell Stempowski talks about how he got started making sound art, the larger context of the Cleveland music scene, and what he is contributing to The Vault.

CAB: How did you first get started as a sound artist/experimental musician? What is it that attracts you to the wonderful world of sound?
DRS: I grew up playing drums and percussion after my grandfather, Russell Ingrassia, gave me a snare drum at age ten. After about twelve years of playing rather traditionally I began to take an interest in creating experimental music. Throughout my life I've always been attracted to the textural moments in-between chords or at the end of songs, I found a lot of textural passages in industrial music and jazz. Sometime around 1999 a friend simultaneously turned me on to Ornette Coleman, "Free Jazz and Merzbow Pulse Demon." I don't think I ever listened to anything the same way afterwards. My early excursions into experimental music often involved four track tape manipulation of various percussive and dissonant sounds.

CAB: How does Cleveland's experimental music scene inspire your work?
DRS: It offers a lush mixture of noise, synthesizer and academic experimental music filled with outsiders searching for new techniques and sounds. Over the past decade the thoughtfulness and creativity I have witnessed has driven me to be a more innovative and productive artist. Cleveland is lucky to be situated between Chicago and New York as a stop for many touring musicians. Through the years I have had opportunities to see and share the stage with many extremely inspiring and challenging acts.

CAB: Give us a hint as to what your work for the Vault exhibition will be like, without divulging too many details. Think of this as an enticing peek at your piece and your working process.
DRS: For The Vault I've been recording long passages in opposing directions, frenetic short loops and pensive tonal sketches. I've been cutting those recordings into precise phrases and loops and weaving them together into a longer composition that changes focus every thirty to sixty seconds. This is my typical style when I record / perform under my Collapsed Arc moniker. For this work in particular I've been keeping in mind what you mentioned to me about frequencies and random juxtapositions. If time allows I may layer in some field recordings from SPACES.

CAB: How does the work you're making for The Vault connect with your future projects (or not)?
DRS: As an experimental musician I'm currently dividing my time between my solo work as Collapsed Arc and my experimental music / performance art duo with Josh Novak called Stopped Clock. My loop-based work with these two projects connects directly to the work I'm making for The Vault. I'm also perform in a gothic hard rock band called MURDERMAN where, in addition to singing, I engage in theatrics using lights, mirrors and other props. MURDEREDMAN is working on a new batch of songs while preparing to do some summer touring. Josh and I are busy recording and preparing performance routines, we play out in Cleveland fairly often. I'm also finishing up my first solo LP for release later this year. Beyond that I run a small record label, Polar Envy, and I do freelance graphic design in addition to my day job making prototypes at American Greetings.

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SPACES Field Guide is here!   04.29.14

We're so excited that the May - July 2014 Field Guide is here! Find it in your mailbox, in galleries and other awesome places around town, and right here.

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Field Report: Pavlina Mladenova   04.08.14

The month of March was an intense period for SWAP resident artist Pavlina Mladenova, who is supported by the Cleveland Foundation's Creative Fusion program. During her first few weeks in Cleveland Pavlina adjusted to her new environment, visited local attractions that are of special relevance to her SPACES project.

She has visited many cultural sites and events, including a dance performance of Groundworks, a film debut at the Cleveland International Film Festival, the West Side Market, gallery hops and art walks all over town, and a field trip with the SPACES gang to see the Carnegie International in Pittsburgh.

Pavlina met with a group of students at SPACES through West Side Community House Sisterhood program, to offer a glimpse into the life of a working artist. She also gave a lecture on her work to students at the University of Akron and traveled to New York City with them, visiting several museums and meeting with organizations that promote Eastern European artists. All the while, Pavlina began work on her research project that will look at the interaction of Clevelanders with contemporary art, culminating in an exhibition at SPACES in May.

Pavlina speaks to members of the West Side Community House Sisterhood program.
Pavlina speaks to members of the West Side Community House Sisterhood program.

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Monster Drawing Rally 2014 Artists Time Slots   04.04.14

MDR is April 12th 5:00 - 10:00PM

We have our artists!
(see below)

Want to know more?!
Want to volunteer?
Check out images from last years event, photos by Ross Bochnek,

Utrecht / Blick PRIZE WHEEL –Guests can spin the wheel for prizes ranging from art supplies to tote bags to t-shirts.
Rust Belt Monster Art Collective – Members of the collective will create a large-scale work for 3 hours during MDR. The finished work will be available for sale, and the price will be based on the number of participating Rust Belt Monsters.
DJ Chris Kulcsar – Chris will keep the tunes going all night and work on his own MDR piece at the same time. OOOH the talent!
The TOUCH Food Truck will be parked outside with yummy grubs.
MDR Fan-Josh Usmani tells why he this is one his favorite events -

- See more at:

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