Little Miss Cleveland's Party Bus: It Came, It Saw, It Conquered   07.18.12

Leave it up to Little Miss Cleveland to take an adventurous group of Cleveland's finest on a whirlwind tour of some of the city's most rusty panoramas and dive bars. We toasted the smokestacks and bridges of the Industrial Valley, visited Pat at Pat's in the Flats, sang a mean karaoke version of 'Material Girl', 'Last Dance' and Cheap Trick's 'Surrender' at Tina's Nite Club, and wrapped up the night at Now That's Class's Wonderful Fest. Nothing like a night of steady camaraderie on a party bus to make strangers into fast friends. Thank you, Lil Miss, for giving the perfect nightcap to the The Cleveland Convention and Visitors Bureau show at SPACES! We'll eagerly await a reunion tour!

Little Miss Cleveland Does... Everything!
Little Miss Cleveland Does... Everything!

Author: Kate Sopko, Residency Champion
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The meronyms of an Anthem revealed   07.08.12

The Cleveland Convention and Visitors Bureau show contains several anthems created by artists to represent the city. One of the anthems is a rather abrasive romp into a layered landscape of whining, chanting, and slowed singing. It leaps out of the pack of more talented and adept depictions of this fabled city in song. Cleveland Anthem BY WOLFY has several parts that can be discussed and revealed now.
First, is the extraordinary recording Cleveland On the GO! (pictured) by The Singing Angels feat. Cleveland's "Singing Mayor" Ralph J. Perk. The whole 45 rpm record is a joyous journey of sound through Cleveland Pride, faith, and showtunes. The title track has been sampled in two parts:
A. The Mayor's smoking intro slowed to a smoulder and
B. The Singing Angels uplifting exit from the song "Clevelandtown on the go Yeah!" left unaltered.
Second, The Mayor's intro is layered over two tracks that create the music that is the landscape of the anthem. One is the chime and squeal of hot dog the rollers recorded at a truckstop just outside Youngstown before a traveler has to enter the Ohio Turnpike to get to the Plum on Lake Erie. It is the open road, hot dogs, soda pop, and trucker's showers and it says United States of America.
Lastly, the sound of chanting behind the narration builds to a roar. This element is from an important moment in Cleveland history. It is Thursday, December 2nd, 2010 and the Cavaliers are about to play the Miami Heat. A Heat player has been introduced to the stadium and the crowd begins to chant a meronym of the human anatomy to welcome him.
These are the moments and sounds that define the city's joys and pains and creates the anthem for the place we call our hometown.
This hopefully explains and enlivens a piece that you can (until July 13th) or may have experienced (since May11th) at Spaces.

+Jef Scharf of Gallery Wolfy Part II writing about Wolfy Part II's music submission.

The Artist would also like you to watch this vintage clip of The Singing Angels singing The Lord's Prayer. Many of those fresh young Cleveland kids are now Cleveland's parents, leaders, or maybe even someone chanting at the Quicken Loans. It makes you lucky to be alive to enjoy the jumps and swaggers that can only manifest on aging video footage. Look closely at those record sleeve children and see if you can find if any appear in the footage too. Beautiful and thanks to WEWS for posting that. They also have footage of Mayor Perk's hair catching fire.

Women's Civic Club of Cleveland #30325
Women's Civic Club of Cleveland #30325

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Podcast: Interview with Ryan Griffis of Temporary Travel Office   06.29.12

SPACES Executive Director Christopher Lynn sat down to talk to Ryan Griffis of Temporary Travel Office about his practice and the project he created for The Cleveland Convention and Visitors Bureau at SPACES ( Take a listen:

Artist: Temproary Travel Office (Ryan Griffis)

Download »

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Author: Christopher Lynn, Executive Director
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Beautiful + Possibility + Elixir + Social = A Really Great Day   06.26.12

If you have a taste for freshly-grown tonics that nourish the body, mind and heart, last Saturday's Beautiful Possibility Elixir Social at the West Side Market was a day-long adventure! Pictures can be found here:

Inspired by visiting artist Alison Pebworth's research into the 19th century nervous condition, Americanitis, a group of farmers in Cleveland offered their own homegrown elixirs.

We started the day at 8 a.m. with Erie's Edge Farm's Sunrise Elixir, a roasted root coffee substitute made from beet and dandelion roots, and spelt, with some squash and fennel seeds. We accompanied it with some morning stretches, a gentle way to start the day!

Gather 'Round Farm offered an elixir for the "Inner Elder", a tonic starting with elderberry flowers. Passers-by drew pictures of their inner elders, using plants as drawing tools.

The Possibilitarian Puppet Troupe gave market-goers a Full Sensory Elixir Experience, starting with a taste of rose petals, nasturtiums and a very tasty kombucha-based elixir, which you took into a tunnel full of the smells of soil and herbs, where you could take a look at a series of illustrated doors and windows while a music box slowly played you the Beatles' love song "Michelle".

Then an energetic group of kids from City Rising Farm's summer camp came and served up their incredibly tasty sun teas. One was thyme tea, the other was mint, but I thought they were at their best when mixed together and topped with mulberries from the farm.

We capped off the day with a whole array of elixirs from Let It Bee Gardens, laid out in a gorgeous landscape of art from Let It Bee's Julie Patton. The elixirs were a feast for the eyes and the belly: made from currants, service berries and a whole variety of herbs from the garden.

The whole day was framed by Alison Pebworth's Beautiful Possibility banners hanging at the West Side Market, which generated a lot of fascinating conversation about the figures from American myths and history she depicts.

In all, a day to remember!

The Beautiful Possibility Elixir Social, June 23, 2012 at the West Side Market
The Beautiful Possibility Elixir Social, June 23, 2012 at the West Side Market

Keywords: alison pebwoth, americanitis, beautiful possibility, city rising, elixir, erie's edge, gather 'round, let it bee, possibilitarian
Author: Kate Sopko, Residency Champion
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Sing a song about Cleveland: Mike Tyson   06.15.12

For the past few months I have been thinking about Cleveland, which probably has to do with the fact that we have turned SPACES into the unofficial visitor center for the city. You can read more about that project here: Here's a blurb from our website: "This project seeks to engage the idea of tourism through the lens of a city that is not a traditional tourist destination. Participating artists engage Cleveland as a subject and medium in both critical and laudatory ways."

So if you stop by SPACES you will see we have the participating artists' works, tour books, postcards, maps (including a memory map), and information all about Cleveland. We even sponsored an anthem contest, so you can hear tons of different kinds of songs about the city.

In this entry (and maybe a few more) I want to focus on people singing about Cleveland. OK OK, so some people might say this is a song about Lebron and not Cleveland, but I think it's funny. How many times will you see Mike Tyson sing the words "Cleveland, Ohio?" ooowha, oowha ooow.

by Marilyn Simmons, SPACES Gallery Oracle

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Author: Marilyn Ladd-Simmons, Gallery Manager
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