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Fine arts not in Patricks Creative Economy?
"Massachusetts art folks had a crush on Deval Patrick (pictured here) when he ran for governor in 2006. People loved it when he said in his victory speech that November that 'You are ... artists looking to be valued' and 'We have a mandate ... to help the creative economy flourish.' But the question has always been: Who are Governor Patrick and other Massachusetts political leaders talking about when they say they support the creative economy?"

From rags to artistic riches (JSOnline)
"Grabner and her husband, Brad Killam, artists and gallery owners from the Chicago area, purchased the farm for about $150,000 and are turning it into a contemporary art space. Set among farmlands, wetlands and small rivers in Waupaca County, with a population of about 1,300, Manawa is about the most unexpected setting for the international avant-garde. And that is part of the point. The setting, which has also been a rest home, a religious retreat center and most recently a flop house, will provide seclusion for working artists and a destination for seeing art, Grabner said."
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The Top 20 Most Powerless People in the Art World
"A few weeks ago Art Review announced the Top 100 power brokers in the art world but we thought they missed the real story. So Hyperallergic has released its own list of the people who have never received their moment in the sun."

Obama expected to sign bill to increase cultural funding (Los Angeles Times)
"President Obama is expected to sign a bill this weekend that will increase funding for the nation's main cultural bodies to their highest levels in nearly 16 years."
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#DailyArtDose Round-Up   10.26.09

Week of October 19

Past SWAP artist Libby Black:
Douglas Kahn:
Nicolas Lampert:
Kevin Jerome Everson:
Michael Perrone:

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Reality TV's Thoroughly 'Modern' Mistakes (NPR)
"If you watch Project Runway " or any other design-oriented reality show " you'll hear the word "modern" employed over and over again. But in the context of reality TV, the word is often being misapplied. Modern and contemporary can " and do " mean the same thing, of course. But in the world of art and design, "modern" means Kandinsky or Picasso, Schoenberg or Stravinsky. It means daring experimental writers such as Ezra Pound or Gertrude Stein. It means Frank Lloyd Wright sweeping out the overstuffed and fusty in favor of long, clean lines."

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Fire Destroys '90%' Of Helio Oiticica's Work (
"A fire in Oiticica's brother's house has destroyed 'an estimated 90%' of the [Projecto Helio Oiticica]'s holdings. Some installations and conceptual projects designed to be recreated are fine, of course, but his paintings and sculptures, including his incredible bolides, minimalist experiments in experiential color from the early 60s that remind me of Anne Truitt's genre-breaking works, are gone." (via Modern Art Notes)

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