7th Annual Artwood Derby

Saturday, June 17, 2017, 5:00PM - 8:00PM

Admission is FREE + open to the public.
$10 Racer Entry Fee (includes a pinewood derby car kit)
$8 Racer Entry Fee for SPACES Season Pass Member (includes a pinewood derby car kit)
$5 Racer Entry - Old Skool Fee(provide your own pre-made car)

For it's 39th birthday celebration, SPACES will set the stage of Cleveland's most creative competition. The Artwood Deby track is approximately 36 feet long, with a 4-foot vertiginous drop. Participants provide the fastest, wackiest, and most outrageous pinewood derby cars to race down the track, powered by gravity alone. Guest announcers will call the races, while cameras capture photo finishes. All participants will have the chance to display their cars at SPACES before the races.

Once the results are tallied, trophies are awarded for Fastest, Corniest, Hottest Mess, and Best in Show. Trophies return each year with the artistic addition by the previous year's winner.

New in 2017!
We are expanding Artwood Derby to include a classic car show with cars from the Artwood Derby Club Car Sponsors. Artwood Derby is proud to be sponsored by the Northern Ohio Region Porsche Club of America. Come see lots of cool Porsche cars on display!

Interested in being an Artwood Derby Sponsor?

  • Art Car Sponsorship ($250) gets you 1 car transformed by a Cleveland-based artist, curated by SPACES staff.

  • Team Sponsorship ($500) gets you 4 car kits and the option to display 1-2 club cars in a gated area.

  • Track Sponsorship ($1000) gets you 8 car kits, naming rights to the start or finish line, and the option to display 2-3 cars outside.

  • Event Sponsorship ($2500) gets you 12 cars, presenting rights, 1 car in the gallery and 2-3 outside, and the option to be involved in announcing or judging

  • For more information about sponsoring click here.

    Images from the 2016 Artwood Derby.

    7th Annual Artwood Derby

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