Night of the Loving Dead

Film Screening at SPACES, with Live Music by The Andrew Alden Ensemble

Thursday, February 14, 2013, 8:00PM - 9:30PM

This Valentine's Day, award-winning composer Andrew Alden is bringing his diverse ensemble of percussion, guitars, strings, piano, sound effects, samplers, and synthesizers, to George A. Romero's classic thriller, The Night of the Living Dead.

The ensemble combines the influence of Steve Reich and Philip Glass with Velvet Underground and Radiohead to produce a sound that cant be mistaken for anyone else. The movie will be played silent (with subtitles) while the textural score transforms the picture with refreshing new sounds and combinations that have never been heard before.

We'll have beer available and light movie snacks.


$9 for the general public
$7 for SPACES members/Season Pass holders

Purchase tickets at:

Night of the Loving Dead


Not so much a sponsor as a video sample of The Andrew Alden Ensemble's work.

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