A Color Removed

What does it look like when the right to safety is removed?

July 14 - September 30, 2018

A Color Removed by Michael Rakowitz, is a city-wide participatory project that will address the underlying questions regarding the right to safety and the steps we need to take to develop peaceful communities and safety for everyone.

Cleveland has played a central role in the national conversation about police brutality. In the 2014 fatal shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice by police, the victim who was-according to the police dispatch call-"pointing a gun at people" was, in fact, holding a toy gun with its orange safety tip removed. In response, A Color Removed will formally commence with a public letter writing campaign in the fall of 2017 proposing the removal of orange from the city and the suspension of the color's use in public spaces, as well as an open call for orange objects in the spring of 2018, which will be accumulated in collection bins installed throughout Cleveland. Clothing, toys, sports equipment, household items, etc. will be catalogued and displayed at SPACES from July 14 to September 30, 2018, in order to prompt viewers to consider how it feels to live in a society where the right to safety has been visually displaced. Facilitated discussions and workshops will be conducted by the artist, partner organizations, and community collaborators, and housed within the monochrome A Color Removed display at SPACES, where fearless listening enables fearless speaking.

The first A Color Removed letter writing workshops take place in Cleveland on September 25th & 26th, 2017 at SPACES and the FRONT Porch.

A Color Removed by Michael Rakowitz, is organized by SPACES, Guide to Kulchur, and The Beamer-Schneider Professorship in Ethics at Case Western Reserve University. This program is presented as part of FRONT International, in lead up to its exhibitions An American City: 11 Cultural Exercises, July 14 to September 30, 2018.


National Endowment for the Arts Ohio Arts Council John P. Murphy Foundation Front The Beamer-Schneider Professorship in Ethics at Case Western Reserve University

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