Art Therapy Thursdays

February 02 - January 04, 2018

Join Art Therapy Studio every first Thursday of the month from 6-7:30pm at SPACES! Engage in art making, connect with your community, and be inspired by the latest in experimental art. Only $5 to join in the fun to cover the cost of art supplies. Please RSVP with Art Therapy Studios at 216-791-9303 or Classes subject to cancelation if we receive less than 5 RSVPs per class.

Check out the below upcoming classes:

April 6th - Prayer Flags: In the tradition of ancient Tibetan prayer flags, these colorful mixed media banners will use words and symbols to reflect healing messages to the world in hopes of increasing universal happiness and good fortune.

May 4th - Mini Inspirations: Using alcohol inks, found objects, beads, and positive messages or affirmations, create art from dominoes to use as a pendant, ornament, or tiles to inspire yourself or share with others.

June 1st - Paper Marbling: Explore the traditional Japanese method of decorating paper with ink floating on water known as suminagashi as well as the simple contemporary method of floating pigment on shaving cream. These beautiful marbled papers are great for collages, bookmaking, gift wrapping, and art journaling.

July 6th - Mandala Making: Mandalas have existed as a sacred art form and method of meditation for thousands of years. Working in the media of your choice, make your own mandala as a way of exploring your creativity and taking time to de-stress.

August 3rd - Painting and Poetry: Experiment with some very fluid and abstract water color techniques. Gather a variety of meaningful words from old books and magazines or write your own haiku and collage it onto your painting.


Art Therapy Studio

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