Quarter Art

A quarterly art subscription service to bring the best limited edition art objects to your collection four times a year.

SPACES Season Pass
Koehn, Kabot, Ott, etc.

Images (L to R): Sarah Kabot, Again and again, 2011, paper glue and wood. Quarter Art 2012. Aaron Kohen, Construction Materials, Styrofoam, 2012, 2-color serigraph. Quarter Art 2012. Lorri Ott, Untitled, 2013, resin, pigments, photograph (archival ink and photo paper). Quarter Art 2013.

Quarter Art is SPACES' new art subscription service. Think of it as a quarterly magazine subscription, but in the form of four curated, limited-edition art objects each year. Subscriptions are available at any time for the next slate of artists. An annual subscription is $500. A half-year subscription is $300. That is only $125 – $150 per limited edition art object by some of our area's best artists!

Subscribers support both local artists and SPACES while receiving great contemporary art in return. Art objects may be two-dimensional, three-dimensional or digital. Subscribers will only receive the participating artists' names in advance, but not an image of the specific object being made. The surprise is part of the fun (one quarter of the fun to be exact).

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Q: What if I only want the work of one artist?
A: Just as in the case of Noah, our artists come two by two, and thus the righteous are saved!

Q: What if I'm not enamored by the work I receive?
A: You'll learn to love it. Trust us. These are hand-picked artists who make great work. Or, you could always pass it along to your cousin on her birthday...

Q: How many objects are in each edition?
A: We have the artists produce enough to cover the subscription base. That number will vary from quarter to quarter.

Q: What types of art objects will these be?
A: These objects could be photographs, prints, sculptures, video art, functional or non-functional art, or anything our artists can dream up. Nothing will be larger than 24" x 24" x 12".

Q: Will the works be mailed to me, or do I pick them up?
A: There will be scheduled days to pick up your work from SPACES. If you live outside the region and would like to subscribe, please email Marilyn Simmons below to make special arrangements.

More questions? Please contact Marilyn Simmons at msimmons@spacesgallery.org.

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