Kortney Niewierski

"Kortney makes three-dimensional objects that explore the push and pull of intrigue and peculiarity through the use of bodily imagery, toy-like forms, and tactile fabrics. Each organic form supports a not-quite-this, not-quite-that theme that is intended to cause a moment of introspection within the viewer."


Kortney has exhibited solo at Exit Gallery, and in group shows at Legation Gallery, Asterisk Gallery and Heights Arts.

She received her MFA in Sculpture from Kent State University in 2005 and her BFA in Sculpture from The Ohio State University in 2003.

Since 2006 she has been an adjunct professor at Kent State University.


"Anatomical imagery and those slightly recognizable human or animal-like forms combined with fantastical organic shapes create creatures that are intended to intrigue our curious side while at the same time, repel us by their oddity and sexual innuendo.




Kent, OH

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