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Big dollars coming to arts organizations via NEA (Culture Monster, Los Angeles Times)
SPACES is proud to announce we are one of 633 arts organizations to be awarded funds through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

"More than 600 arts organizations around the country can each look forward to receiving a big fat check in the coming weeks thanks to the latest round of grants announced today by the National Endowment for the Arts. The grants represent part of the $50 million in federal aid to the NEA from President Obama's economic stimulus package."

Walking Tour of the Cleveland Museum of Art's New East Wing (Applause, WVIZ)
"Applause's Dee Perry and The Plain Dealer's architecture expert Steve Litt go on a walking tour of the new East Wing of the Cleveland Museum of Art."
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Ohio Arts - State of the State's Art Museums (Applause Special, WVIZ)
"This special is part of the multi-media partnership with The Plain Dealer and will be hosted by ideastreams Dee Perry and PD art/architecture critic Steven Litt. Through a panel discussion with Ohio art museum directors, they will explore how the economic downturn has affected arts in this state, and the various challenges each museum is facing."
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60 Wrd/min (F Newsmagazine)
"The relationship between the artist and curator is culturally unique in its ability to make or break the career of the former. Relatively little critical attention, however, has been paid to criticism itself. Art historian and critic (and F News alumna) Lori Waxman has attempted to examine this relationship in her performance entitled 60 wrd/min art critic."
(via Glasstire)
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Cleveland Carbon Fund
"As the first community-based, open-access carbon reduction fund in the United States, the Cleveland Carbon Fund invests in local community projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and spark economic development in Cleveland. The Fund provides an easy, highly transparent option for anyone wishing to play a role in reducing carbon emissions. By investing in the Cleveland Carbon Fund, donors can be assured their worthy contributions are making sustainable, positive change in local Cleveland neighborhoods."

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Wah wah wah, Facebook profile deleted   07.08.09

Well, it finally happened. When I was new to -- and somewhat overwhelmed by -- social networking and managing the media's shift from press release to post, I signed SPACES up for a profile page on Facebook ... unaware of its inevitable deletion. Our profile page grew at super-power speed. And amidst its growth, we started hearing stories of Facebook deleting organizations' profile pages because they are intended for individuals. Slowly, but surely, we lured our profile friends to our fan page and almost caught up, but today, as I was accepting friends and requesting that they shift on over to our fan page, our profile page died on us, or rather, Facebook killed it.

As I mentioned, this has happened to a few other organizations. Thankfully we have our fan page in place. Here you will receive shout-outs to other organizations, some quick notes about upcoming events, and your #DailyArtDose (You cannot do without this). However, consider joining our group page so that we can contact you directly through your Facebook email with detailed news on events and special offers. I want to assure you, my contact with you via email is about quality, not quantity.

So, now that I have calmed down, let go of my unnatural attachment to our original profile, and have regained my enthusiasm for the possibilities a fan page has to offer, I ask that you join immediately. We can't live without you ... and admit it, you can't live without us.

Seriously though, we truly appreciate your interest in following our exhibitions, events, and updates.

Posted by Nicole Edwards, Aspiring Social Networking Guru

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Can artists save the world? (The Guardian)
"The last five years have seen an unprecedented flowering of eco-awareness and activism throughout the arts, at home and abroad. From giant multiplexes to 50-seat fringe venues, from sweaty stadiums to intimate galleries, artist are talking " and singing, and writing, and painting " about the planet's inexorable drift towards disaster."

Use Their Work Free? Artists Say No to Google (
"When Google representatives recently invited dozens of prominent artists to contribute work to be featured on its new Web browser, the company enthusiastically sold the idea as an opportunity to have artwork shown to millions."
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Its About Time (Frieze Foundation | Talks)
Chaired by Jennifer Allen (Writer and Critic), this discussion explored the recent emphasis on temporality in art exhibitions. While considering historical and philosophical precedents, the panel looked at how and why time has become a tool for curators, and questioned the political implications of such an approach "
(tags: audio art.theory Jennifer.Allen Carsten.Höller Elena.Filipovic Peter.Osborne temporality exhibitions exhibition.theory)

artistcommunitiesresearch's Bookmarks on Delicious
Many, many links to artist residencies, alternative schools and platforms, and funding sources.
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What Jerry Saltz v. MoMA means for art in America (Modern Art Notes)
"When the ghetto is interested in talking with only the ghetto, how and why should anyone with a less specific interest in culture care about what we think is important? When art lovers talk only to those already in their circle, the circle will shrink."
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What I am watching   07.07.09

... as I seek out blog content to post, discuss, exploit.

Posted by Nicole Edwards

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