Update on Smithsonian/Wojnarowicz   02.03.11

Here's the latest on the Smithsonian's censorship of David Wojnarowicz's video "A Fire in My Belly".

Smithsonian Institution's Governing Board Seeks Changes After Video Flap at Portrait Gallery
Associated Press, 2/1/11
By: Brett Zongker

WASHINGTON (AP).- The Smithsonian Institution's governing board on Monday called for changes in how potentially objectionable exhibits are handled while also standing behind the head of the museum complex amid accusations of censorship.

SPACES will screen "A Fire in My Belly" through February 13th (the date through which it should have remained on view at the National Portrait Gallery) in The Vault.

Keywords: aids, censorship, david wojnarowicz, film, h.i.v., queer, smithsonian, video art
Author: Martha Loughridge, Development Director
Category: General

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