Buffalo Milk Yogurt   02.15.11

This week in and around the gallery, two artists from Machine Project will be performing: Ezra Buchla and Corey Fogel. Last week, Corey poked his head into my office and asked about Jennifer Levonian, an artist whose work we had on view in The Vault. I explained that I saw her work in Philadelphia and then requested that she send us a couple of videos for inclusion in The Vault, but that I had no extensive contact with her.

Corey then explained that Jennifer had once created an entire animation using Corey as her subject. They had met at a residency program. Jennifer used Corey's image and Corey created many of the sounds for the animation. The art world is often a very small and funny place. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you that video, Buffalo Milk Yogurt:

Keywords: animation, corey fogel, jennifer levonian, machine project, video art
Author: Christopher Lynn, Executive Director


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