Hey it's me the artist!   08.19.13

So I made some artwork for SPACES. You can see it this Friday if you want. Well I would love for you to see it because I made it and I worked really hard on it.

Back in March Chris Lynn called me up and said that the proposal I submitted was met with skeptical approval and then over the course of a few hour coffee infused brainstorm sesh about what a Brandon Juhasz show at SPACES might look like I had a plan. Sort of, I guess. You see with art it never really goes as planned. At least not with fickle, ever changing, neurotic me…the artist. Mrs. Doubt….fire.

You know what they say. With great programming/venue comes great responsibility. And as the R&D artist I had to fulfill the research and development quotient. I had to fill dem shoes. The experimentation. Stepping out of ones very comfy and cozy zone to reach for and try new things is the cornerstone of this program. So I did, I think. What would normally be the end product trademark Brandon style framed medium-sized archival inkjet photograph is now a full installation of image objects. A photographic scene set up as I would in my studio-for-ants on a tabletop is made to scale to experience as a tangible simulacrum of the photographic experience.

I hope too with this experience to let the viewer re-photograph what I have presented to create yet another filtered layer of photography and experience. You can email me your pictures to for uploading to There visitors photos will be archived to see a group collection of interpretation.

The idea behind Paradise. Pair a Dice comes mostly from personal reflection and the notion of ideals. Using everyday iconography in unexpected ways I am exploring where I find myself in relationship to contemporary American culture in regards to expectations, desire and responsibilities of adulthood that I may or may not have realized would be when I was younger. I also am thinking about how we live today. Always straddling reality and fantasy, expectations and their often far off realities.

Being selected as an R&D artist is a great honor and one that comes with a big space to fill both literally and figuratively. I hope my show is as enjoyable and challenging to the visitors of SPACES as it was for me in making it.

Thanks SPACES for the wonderful opportunity and I hope to see y'all out on Friday.


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Pope.L Speaks!   06.07.13

William Pope.L recently spoke to Bad at Sports at the Arts Club of Chicago about his exhibition at the Renaissance Society and his upcoming project, Pull!. You can catch the interview here:

Also, Thomas Mulready from Cool Cleveland spoke to William Pope.L earlier this week about Pull!. If you want to get a bit more information about the project, check it out.

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Jimmy Kuehnle Takes Euclid Corridor Rush Hour By Storm   02.07.13

Jimmy Kuehnle braved the cold last night for a rush hour jaunt on the Euclid Corridor on his Twinkling Tricycle of Enchantment. The bike certainly lives up to its name, as you can see in Channel 5 coverage of the ride:

Twinkling Tricycle Tour of Enchantment, 2013, Courtesy of Rob Muller and Jimmy Kuehnle
Twinkling Tricycle Tour of Enchantment, 2013, Courtesy of Rob Muller and Jimmy Kuehnle

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Preview: Jimmy Kuehnle   01.30.13

Jimmy Kuehnle, SPACES' current artist-in-resident, will launch his project titled Jimmy Kuehnle's Twinkling Tricycle Tour of Enchantment: Cleveland this Friday, February 1st. Kuehnle is known lately for his many inflatable projects including the one on view at The Sculpture Center ( through February 23rd. For SPACES, he harkens back to his earlier bicycle projects from 2004-05 such as Invisible Bike (2005) and Drawing Bike (2005).

Jimmy Kuehnle's Twinkling Tricycle Tour of Enchantment: Cleveland involves an industrial tricycle used to haul dies around an Indianapolis warehouse. Outfitted with a twisted cloud of lights, this cycle will travel around the streets of Cleveland, and when not in use, will be on view at SPACES. Prior to the opening reception at SPACES this Friday, February 1st, Kuehnle will ride the tricycle from Tower City Center across the Carnegie Bridge to SPACES.

Check back at frequently for updates on new events involving the twinkling tricycle out and about in Cleveland.

More details at: And by the way "Kuehnle" is pronounced like "keenly."

Jimmy Kuehnle,
Jimmy Kuehnle, "Invisible Bike," 2005.

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Preview: Felipe Castelblanco   01.29.13

Felipe Castelblanco is Jon Rubin's collaborator on The Foreigner (February 1 – April 6, 2013), and he has his own history of global collaborative and interactive art.

He worked with rural inhabitants of Jericó in the Colombian Andes to create workshops about Andy Warhol's work and silkscreening techniques. Castelblanco has stated:

"The workshops engaged almost 300 people–including school children, local educators as well as drug-addicted youth from a nearby rehab shelter–allowing them to discuss and appropriate Warhol's strategies by using local referents to produce portraits, collages and silkscreened T-shirts. These workshops helped to expand on Jerico's sudden surge of interest in Warhol, and in art in general, as well as to create dialogue between North American Pop icons and local imagery."

In another project, Norte Es Sur / South Is North, Castelblanco collaborated with participants in collaboration with participants from around the world including the US, Colombia, Brazil, Iceland, The Netherlands, Namibia, Russia, Yemen, W Australia and South Korea. Of this project, Castelblanco says:

"Norte / Sur—is the first piece of an on-going body of work. It is a collection of videos that show two places located within the same geographical longitude, but one in the Southern and the other in the Northern hemisphere. Both places are seen through a glass lens that alters the orientation of the horizon line in the final images."

More information at:

Image: Felipe Castelblanco, <em>Norte Es Sur / South Is North</em> (installation view), 2011.
Image: Felipe Castelblanco, Norte Es Sur / South Is North (installation view), 2011.

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