Who Wants Leftovers?   11.30.11

Thanksgiving was a solid week ago... Anyone hungry for more?

Come on out to SPACES tomorrow night at 6:30 for Leftover Mashed Thoughtatoes: three speakers on three topics, all mashed together with unexpected results. All that, PLUS real live mashed potatoes!

This time, CATopia artists Ben Kinsley and Jessica Langley have invited pet psychologist Janet Hoopes from Good Kitty Behavioral Practice to help us understand what makes our cats tick. Sound artist Christopher Auerbach-Brown will perform part of The Ursonate-a sound poem by Kurt Schwitters. And Eva Lucien will join others from the Burning River Roller Girls in suiting up and sharing their passion for roller derby.

Each speaker has 20 minutes to present, followed by a mashed-up Q&A discussion. Just like families around holiday dinner tables-- Don't miss it!

$5 at the door or FREE for SPACES' members.

What Makes Cats Sleep In Bowls of Mashed Potatoes?
What Makes Cats Sleep In Bowls of Mashed Potatoes?

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Pop Royalty Paparazzi Photos   11.18.11

We're slowly amassing photos and video from Pop Royalty: SPACES' Annual Benefit and Art Auction. Below are some links, video and a slideshow for you to enjoy, relive the evening, or just sit and be jealous that you missed it this year (there's always next year!).

Metromix Cleveland:
Plain Dealer:
Tim Marshall:

If you have photos you'd like to share, please contact us (

Cool Cleveland Video Montage.

Photography by Jerry Mann.

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Benefit Parking and Travel   11.05.11

Tonight will be a raucous party at SPACES for Pop Royalty: SPACES' Annual Benefit & Art Auction. But to join in, first you have to get to SPACES. This should help you in that regard.

Note: If you are traveling to SPACES from the West along Highway 2/the Shoreway, the US-6 E/US-20 E/W 25th St Exit on the left is closed due to construction. Alternately, take the earlier W. 45th St. Exit on the right and continue to SPACES along Detroit Ave. This map will help you out:

Q: Where can I park when I come to the benefit tomorrow?

A: VIP ticket holders may take advantage of free valet parking directly in front of SPACES. General admission or 10pm party-goers may pay $8/car to use the valet services, or park in the various lots or on the streets surrounding SPACES. This map should help you navigate around public parking:

Please be mindful of posted no parking, reserved parking, and handicapped parking signs.

We can't wait to see you all tonight!

View SPACES 2011 Benefit Parking in a larger map with parking details.

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In Search of a Few Good Cats...   11.01.11

For their project "Make CATopia Real," current SWAP artists Ben Kinsley ( and Jessica Langley ( and are in need of enthusiastic cat owners and their cats for brief video interviews. They are specifically looking for cat-lovers who have 4 or more cats.

Interviews will be focused on the cat (only hands, knees, and legs of humans will be captured in the shot), who be asked about what utopia means to them (through their human counterparts serving as translators).

The interview process would take between 45 minutes and 1.5 hours depending on the number of cats interviewed. Ben and Jess would come to you, so no cat transportation is necessary.

They are looking for willing participants for this Saturday 11/5 or Sunday 11/6. They will continue to conduct interviews for the duration of their residency period, so if interested in these or future dates, please contact Ben directly at

CATopia sound like a place you want to be? Read more at:

Lola, previous CATopia interviewee
Lola, previous CATopia interviewee

Author: Kate Sopko, Residency Champion
Category: Events

Pop Royalty: Benefit Artwork Selections   10.31.11

Below you will find a selection of works that will be available at Pop Royalty: SPACES' Annual Benefit and Art Auction. We have some fantastic artists supporting our efforts at SPACES. In turn, you can support us by purchasing tickets to the event and obtaining some of the great artwork and packages available (including stunt driving lessons)!

Purchase tickets here:

Author: Christopher Lynn, Executive Director
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