Bird Cookies by Charmaine Spencer   01.11.16

In Helen Macdonald's recent article, Why Do We Feed Wild Animals?, she writes, "The practice grew out of the humanitarian movement in the 19th century, which saw compassion toward those in need as a mark of the enlightened individual."

Get some enlightenment by stopping by SPACES to view The People's Museum of Revisionist Natural Itstory before it closes this Friday, and consider taking home Charmaine Spencer's bird seed cookies, available in the PMRNI gift shop. Keep the wild birds in your backyard happy with large ($12) and small ($7) cookies.


Author: Christina Vassallo, Executive Director
Category: Exhibitions

PMRNI apparel   12.19.15

As we inch closer to Christmas, this week we're featuring apparel in The People's Museum of Revisionist Natural Itstory Gift Shop. Get your hands on an Alien Technology t-shirt by CIA student Noelle Richard ($20), or PMRNI-branded t-shirts with the Anthropology and Hydrology department icons ($18 each).

And, don't forget, all limited edition inventory--including these t-shirts--will be 10% off on Sunday 12/19/15.




Author: Christina Vassallo, Executive Director
Category: Exhibitions

White Faux Taxidermy in the PMRNI Gift Shop   12.07.15

Our featured item this week, from The People's Museum of Revisionist Natural Itstory Gift Shop, is actually a group of 5 items by White Faux Taxidermy. Animal (and fantastical creature) heads made of resin, polyresin, lacquer, and matte lacquer, in the form of deer, moose, dinosaur, unicorn, and jackalope. All of the animal, none of the guilt!

These beauties range from $40 - $49.99 and won't last long.


Author: Christina Vassallo, Executive Director
Category: Exhibitions

Exhaust - Risa Puno talks energy politics   09.12.15

Exhaust - Risa Puno talks energy politics
August 21 - October 16, 2015
Opening reception: Friday, August 21, 6-9 pm
On view at SPACES: August 21 - October 16

I am excited to share some photos from the opening my solo show, Exhaust, at SPACES in Cleveland, OH. Exhaust is a sensory installation about the uncertainty surrounding current energy politics and will remain on view until October 16.

I forced myself way outside my comfort zone for this project, in order to create something intentionally ambiguous, ephemeral yet interactive, and overtly political. But I am really proud of how Exhaust turned out and how it was received.
(I even got interviewed on NPR!)
It was wonderful working with the SPACES family and getting to know their charming city.

Photos by Talisman Brolin

- See more at:

Exhaust, Risa Puno, 2015, SPACES -  photo by Talisman Brolin
Exhaust, Risa Puno, 2015, SPACES - photo by Talisman Brolin

Keywords: energy politics, exhaust, r&d, sensory installation
Author: Marilyn Ladd-Simmons, Gallery Manager
Category: Exhibitions

eFELT subscription 07 | Jessica Langley   03.24.15

FELT BOOK - eFelt newsletter #7
This week features Jessica Langley.

Sunset Meditation
listen to the sound of the sunset
be silent for one hour before the sun goes down
record the silence to assure yourself that you will not make noise

listen to the sounds around you
there is a lot that will make noise
try getting into a tin canoe without making a peep

you will make sound
others will forget that you are being silent and ask you things
try to do your best to ignore them

you will notice that the sky is beautiful
then you will wonder why no one else is paying attention
you will feel good about yourself for having made a conscious effort to enjoy this moment

you will think about how everyone else lets beauty pass them by
you will feel so blessed to see this phenomenon
and you hope that feeling will stay

but this is a meditation
you shouldn't be worrying about other people right now
try to just enjoy the moment

Jessica Langley


The FELT BOOK is a new collaborative publication by the Institute for New Feeling (IfNf) . A selection of artists contributions from the full publication are on view at SPACES , January 30-March 27, 2015.

The book is a collection of home remedies created by 40+ invited artists. The works submitted are as simple as a single sentence, while others include images, video, and web-based interactions. Each invited artist was asked to take on the IfNf mission statement: to explore "new ways of feeling, and ways of feeling new."

Visitors are invited to sign up for the free eFELT subscription service to receive a weekly remedy by email.

Sign up for eFELT .

For a current full list of FELT BOOK artists click here

The Institute for New Feeling, is
Scott Andrew, Agnes Bolt & Nina Sarnelle

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