SPACES: In the Air   02.24.12

We often have various musical selections drifting through the air at SPACES and being hummed by the staff. Below are the staff's top artists this week:


They Might Be Giants - Here Comes Science
They Might Be Giants - Here Come the 123s
Dan Zanes (who, by the way is playing at the Beachland Ballroom tonight with the del fuegos)
Oliver Twist - one of the broadway recordings
(All thanks to the 6-year old in my house.)


St. Vincent
Blonde Redhead


Esperanza Spalding
Nina Simone


The Black Keys
Clutch (the usual)


Madleen Kane
Earth, Wind & Fire

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We _ You   02.14.12

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! We appreciate the support that we receive from our friends out there—in the form of donations, volunteering, visiting, and spreading the word. You are our valentines! Thank you.

All of us at SPACES

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Because We CAN!   01.18.12

You may start noticing stacks of intriguing newspapers around town. These particular newspapers have a red cover, black text and pointing hands along the lower margin. This is the Collective Arts Network Journal (or CAN Journal). The brainchild of Zygote Press's Liz Maugans, the CAN Journal shines a spotlight on 28 different art organizations in our region to give a more comprehensive view of the region's creative output.

With the design and editing assistance of JoAnn Dickey and Michael Gill, and an essay from Douglas Max Utter, this publication is geared toward informing the public of the sheer scope of visual art in and around Cuyahoga county. The CAN Journal is littered with essays by area arts leaders extolling the virtues of the other art organizations in the region (I wrote about Brandt Gallery in Tremont, and Nancy Heaton of BAYarts wrote about SPACES).

Educate yourself on all the great art opportunities we have here to experience art in all its variations by picking up a copy today at a participating art venue, or download a copy here:

CAN Journal Cover
CAN Journal Cover

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De Kattenkabinet - The Cat Cabinet Museum   12.11.11

We (Kate Sopko, Residency Champion, and Martha Loughridge, Development Director) arrived safely this morning in Amsterdam. While we explored the central city, we came across (not completely coincidentally) De Kattenkabinet - The Cat Cabinet Museum. (Ben and Jessica were were thinking of you!) Housed in the ornate rooms of a 1667 building alongside prestigious lawyers' and banks' offices, cat sculptures, paintings, posters, miniatures, and books about felines are exhibited in an amusingly professional and serious way. Live piano music filled the air during our visit. Created by the building owner, who lives with his five cats live on the upper floors, the museum was created in 1990 to preserve the memory of his beloved cat Tom. It was a sight to behold! To see some samples from the collection visit:

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Prince Claus Awards   12.09.11

We have been invited to attend the Prince Claus Awards in Amsterdam next week on December 13th and 14th. Thanks to a small travel grant from the Cleveland Foundation we will be able to attend. Kate Sopko, Residency Champion, and Martha Loughridge, Development Director, will represent SPACES.

The Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development makes sizable awards to artists from Africa, Asia and Latin America who are at the forefront of their field. Awards are made to artists and cultural producers in archeology and design, cultural heritage, film, literature, performing arts, photography and visual arts.

During a series of events over the two days, including a "Cultural Speed Date" event, we expect to meet artists and representatives of arts organizations from around the world. Our goal is to develop new relationships that will enable SPACES and other arts organizations in Cleveland to invite international artists to Cleveland for extended residencies and community interaction.

Stay tuned for updates from the road!

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