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How I Stopped Worrying And Learned To Love Phish (NPR: Monitor Mix)
Carrie Brownstein (Sleater-Kinney, Excuse 17, The Spells, Thunderant) is going to take a week to try to like Phish. "Phish is a band that some people intuitively don't like; it is the liverwurst, the Twilight book series, and the waterbeds of the music industry! And why should it be? This dismissal of Phish by a large portion of us is both unfair and unwarranted. And that's why I'm willing to change." Is this the equivalent of my dislike of Chihuly or Eric Fischl (pardon the pun)?

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Thriving On Adversity: The Art of Precariousness (Mute magazine)
"Anna Dezeuze surveys a number of artists who draw upon the experience of everyday life in the slums to make their work, and tries to separate out the aestheticisation of poverty from the poverty of aesthetics."

Human shrub vows to strike again and again (Telegraph)
"The leafy creature, who shot to prominence earlier this week after he was spotted tending to a neglected municipal plant container, has said he is now preparing a list of demands for leading local councillors."
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Powering Cars with Potholes (Scientific American)
Clevelanders will never need to fuel their cars again: "Automakers are examining a variety of technologies to enhance fuel economy. But a group of undergraduate students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has found an overlooked source: shock absorbers."

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Big dollars coming to arts organizations via NEA (Culture Monster, Los Angeles Times)
SPACES is proud to announce we are one of 633 arts organizations to be awarded funds through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

"More than 600 arts organizations around the country can each look forward to receiving a big fat check in the coming weeks thanks to the latest round of grants announced today by the National Endowment for the Arts. The grants represent part of the $50 million in federal aid to the NEA from President Obama's economic stimulus package."

Walking Tour of the Cleveland Museum of Art's New East Wing (Applause, WVIZ)
"Applause's Dee Perry and The Plain Dealer's architecture expert Steve Litt go on a walking tour of the new East Wing of the Cleveland Museum of Art."
(tags: Cleveland.Museum.of.Art WVIZ Steven.Litt tour YouTube)

Ohio Arts - State of the State's Art Museums (Applause Special, WVIZ)
"This special is part of the multi-media partnership with The Plain Dealer and will be hosted by ideastreams Dee Perry and PD art/architecture critic Steven Litt. Through a panel discussion with Ohio art museum directors, they will explore how the economic downturn has affected arts in this state, and the various challenges each museum is facing."
(tags: Cleveland Ohio Timothy.Rub Cleveland.Museum.of.Art museum YouTube video interview Plain.Dealer WVIZ panel Steven.Litt Mitchell.Kahan Sherri.Geldin Wexner.Center.for.the.Arts Don.Bacigalup Toledo.Museum.of.Art Akron.Art.Museum Akron Toledo Columbus)

60 Wrd/min (F Newsmagazine)
"The relationship between the artist and curator is culturally unique in its ability to make or break the career of the former. Relatively little critical attention, however, has been paid to criticism itself. Art historian and critic (and F News alumna) Lori Waxman has attempted to examine this relationship in her performance entitled 60 wrd/min art critic."
(via Glasstire)
(tags: Lori.Waxman art.criticism Glasstire Arthouse Chicago performance)

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Cleveland Carbon Fund
"As the first community-based, open-access carbon reduction fund in the United States, the Cleveland Carbon Fund invests in local community projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and spark economic development in Cleveland. The Fund provides an easy, highly transparent option for anyone wishing to play a role in reducing carbon emissions. By investing in the Cleveland Carbon Fund, donors can be assured their worthy contributions are making sustainable, positive change in local Cleveland neighborhoods."

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