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Ice House Detroit
"Ice House Detroit is an architectural installation and social change project currently taking place in Detroit. Photographer Gregory Holm and architect Matthew Radune will use one of 20,000 abandoned houses and freeze it in solid ice, referencing the contemporary urban conditions in the city and beyond."

Distribution networks like these matter in an environment where the internet (for those without access to academic libraries, at least) is often the first and last stop for research -- a realization that impelled Goldsmith to formulate a radical ontology in the title of his 2005 essay, "If it doesn't exist on the internet, it doesn't exist."
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Court revises Mass MoCA vs. Büchel (The New England Journal of Aesthetic Research)
"A federal appeals court has ruled Mass MoCA in North Adams may have violated Swiss artist Christoph Büchels artistic rights and harmed his reputation by continuing to work on his massive installation Training Ground for Democracy over his complaints in 2006 and 2007 and showing the unfinished work to public officials, reporters and others."

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Unhappy Hipsters
Unhappy Hipsters takes images from Dwell magazine and imposes captions that hilariously interpret the lives of the individuals who inhabit those sterile, manicured spaces.

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Art museum director Super Bowl trash talk: It's ON. (Modern Art Notes)
The Indianapolis Museum of Art and New Orleans Museum of Art directors are betting on the Super Bowl. "[Indianapolis Museum of Art director] Max Anderson must not really believe the Colts can beat the Saints in the Super Bowl. Otherwise why would he bet such an insignificant work as the Ingrid Calame painting? Let's up the ante. The New Orleans Museum of Art will bet the three-month loan of its $4 million Renoir painting, Seamstress at Window, circa 1908, which is currently in the big Renoir exhibition in Paris. What will Max wager of equal importance? Go Saints!"

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2010: Living In the Future | the book
"Back when I was a boy, I bought a children's book at my town's library book sale called "2010: Living in the Future" by Geoffrey Hoyle. Written in 1972, it had been withdrawn from the library's collection by the mid-80s, when I picked it up. I've somehow managed to hang onto it for 25 years and now, suddenly, here we are: 2010. I'm reproducing this long out-of-print book here to see how we're doing. Are we really living in the future?"

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