Cleveland Postcard Competition   02.01.12

Extended Deadline: March 22nd, 2012 by midnight EST

For SPACES' upcoming exhibition titled The Cleveland Convention and Visitors Bureau, we are investigating what constitutes tourism and what makes a location a "tourist destination." Ideas of economy, industry, pilgrimage, migration, memorials, entertainment, leisure, lodging, transportation, notable events, and disaster all play into the engines that fuel tourism.

To accompany the exhibition, SPACES is sponsoring a postcard design competition. Postcards play a key role in tourism in that they function as both advertisement and documentation of travel. They often choose to celebrate a city, state, monument, site, or event.

We want you to design a postcard for Cleveland! It can be about Cleveland's history, places, people, food, or anything quintessentially "Cleveland." Each design may be submitted digitally or in person at SPACES.

Ages 3+ may enter. Entries will be judged by a panel of local celebrities and SPACES' staff. Prizes will be awarded and winning submissions will be part of the exhibition The Cleveland Convention and Visitors Bureau at SPACES, May 11 July 13, 2012 as well as being available for viewing at


Award Ages 3 – 17 Ages 18+
1st Place 1-year Family Membership to the Cleveland Zoological Society + 2 tickets to Cleveland Cinemas 2 night stay in the Marriott Residence Inn Cleveland Downtown + a personalized private tour of downtown Cleveland with the Associate Director of the Historic Gateway Neighbrohood Corporation.
2nd Place 3 tickets to Cleveland Cinemas $50 gift card to Fat Cats restaurant in Tremont
3rd Place $10 cash + 1 ticket to Cleveland Cinemas $25 cash

For Digital Submissions

Photoshop Template
Adobe Illustrator Template
Accepted file type: JPG
Color mode: CMYK
Resolution: 300 dpi
Maximum file size: 8MB
Deadline: Thursday, March 22, 2012, midnight
Maximum number of postcards entries: 2 per person

Postcard dimensions

All postcards must follow these size guidelines:
5.47" x 4.21"
139mm x 107mm
1642 x 1264 pixels

Full Bleed Size (all the way to the edges of the paper; only for digital submissions)

5.59" x 4.33"
142mm x 110mm
1677 x 1300 pixels

How to Submit

You may drop off your entry at SPACES during gallery hours, or email your entry, and the following information to

Name of Guardian (if applicable):
Mailing Address (street, apt. number, city, state, zip):

By submitting the attached Material(s) and information, you acknowledge that you are the creator and copyright holder of Material(s), or you are the guardian of the creator and copyright holder, and grant SPACES unlimited, non-exclusive rights to publicly exhibit/perform and make publicly available digitally the Material(s).

*Prizes are subject to change

Keywords: cleveland, competition, postcards, pride
Author: Christopher Lynn, Executive Director
Category: Exhibitions


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