Colin Lyons vs Midnight Dome   01.27.15

Congratulations to our SPACES alumni artist Colin Lyons on his upcoming July-August 2015 project in the Yukon.

Colin is working with he Natural & Manufactured thematic residency program at the Klondike Institute of Art and Culture to create an etching powered restoration machine.

Colin is traveling to the highest point in Dawson City, the Midnight Dome. At the top of Midnight Dome, he will construct a large tent and use metal detectors to find lost metal and tools. Colin will then create the etching powered restoration machine.

In his SPACES exhibition, Automatic Ruins, Colin explored industry through the lens of fragility and impermanence. While at SPACES he polished construction rubble and transferred onto the slabs floor plans from a building that will be restored this year in Ohio City.

Screen shot of Midnight dome in Dawson City, YT
Screen shot of Midnight dome in Dawson City, YT

Keywords: automatic ruins, chemical battery, colin lyons, etching, metal, r&d
Author: Marilyn Ladd-Simmons, Gallery Manager
Category: Exhibitions


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