Dance party here, there, everywhere   08.07.09

Behind the scenes the dance party a little known treat at SPACES. I am using my dance card (yes, we each actually have a physical card on hand for this occasion) and would like to call a dance party for everyone.

So stop what you are doing! We deserve to dance after going through hundreds of applications, working hard at our desks, enduring a long day of grant writing, organizing upcoming exhibitions and events, planning budgets, tweeting and FBing, coordinating artists, managing thousands of names, etc.

Lets have fun and get excited about the future.

Thanks to my fellow staff mates. Thanks to all our workers (Katie, Nick, Laura, Paula, Kelly, Drew, Steve, Erin, Tim, Chris, Sara, Heather and Vanessa) who help make our job little easier. Dance!

(Yes I am one moon walking.)

Posted by Marilyn Ladd Simmons, Gallery Manager and Artist Wrangler

Author: Christopher Lynn, Executive Director
Category: General


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