Detour: Color Commentator Eleanor LeBeau on Artist Arzu Ozkal #4   05.11.10

Images from Arzu's press release for "Relief valve,"on exhibit at the George Jones Memorial Farm in Oberlin from May 28-June 2.



9:52 a.m.; 3:19 p.m.; 5:26 p.m.

Arzu and I exchange emails. I dont know if its a good idea to give you play-by-play commentary about todays discussions. I suspect you may soon be grateful for my omissions, which I hope dont frustrate you too much right now.

Arzu went to Home Depot today for supplies, although she didnt say for what. Arzu rarely provides direct answers to my questions, only clues. Im fairly certain she doesnt have the time. Maybe she doesnt want to. Arzu strikes me as a doer, not someone who talks about doing. Besides, whats it like to be inundated with questions while youre in the middle of creating something? The sound of a ringing phone feels like an electric shock when Im writing. That said, perhaps my concerns about being too intrusive have made me a passive, overly self-reflexive commentator.

Today is Mothers Day and I have several mothers. I am busy, too.

11:49 p.m.

Arzus latest email confirms something Ive thought for several days now: She juggles multiple roles and projects with enviable equanimity. Monday is the start of Finals Week at Oberlin College, where she teaches Design as Social Process and New Media Practices and is currently dealing with art students in the throes of year-end deadlines. There are classes, office hours and Detour. Plus shes curating an exhibition that opens in two weeks.  Heres an excerpt from the press release she sent:

Relief Valve/Subap

Subap, 13 Türk sanatçnn, ulusal ve uluslararas çevre ve çevre politikalarna cevaben ürettii sanat eserlerinden oluan bir sergi. Sanatçlarn, fotoraf, ksa video, performans ve yerletirme gibi medyalar kullanarak küresel snma, çevre kirlilii, doal tahribat, çölleme ve genetii deitirilmi gdalar konularn ele alan çalmalarn sunacaklar sergi, 28 Mays - 2 Haziran tarihleri arasnda George Jones Hatra Çiflii'nde ziyaret edilebilir.

Im intrigued by the Turkish alphabet (29 letters). I also want to know what these words sound like. Heres the English version (slightly edited for length)

Relief valve: An exhibition of the work of thirteen artists whose work addresses environmental issues. Using a variety of media from photography and video to performance and installation, the selected art works provide insights into land use, biodiversity and the recent controversy over genetically modified foods in Turkey.

May 28- June 2, 2010
Location: George Jones Memorial Farm, Oberlin

For info: 440-775-8181
The exhibition is curated by Arzu Ozkal and Nanette Yannuzzi-Macias.

Yeni Ant, Nazan Azeri, Burçak Bingol, Genco Gülan, Güneli Gün, Erhan Muratolu, Suat Öüt, Ethem Özgüven, z Öztat & Dikaran

Ta, A. Tufan Palal, Mark Slankard, Eden Ünlüata

Tomorrow: Arzus first performance rehearsal at SPACES!

Author: Christopher Lynn, Executive Director
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