How to Work in a Creative Field and Get Paid   04.14.11

OK, so this isn't exactly a how-to guide, nor will it solve your employment woes. I know many artists who have full-time or part-time gigs working as designers, consultants, or free-lance creatives. The worst part of this is that many of them never really received business training, so they are feeling their way around in the dark, and stumbling occasionally.

Creative Mornings ( "is a monthly breakfast lecture series of creative types." These 20 minute talks are often geared directly toward designers, but there are some broader applications as well. They cover aesthetics, industry trends, nuts and bolts, and the business side of things. If you'll pardon the cursing and anatomy jokes in the presentation below, there are some helpful tips for any of you contract laborers out there.

Keywords: design
Author: Christopher Lynn, Executive Director
Category: General


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