Kid Art Review #3   01.13.15

For this edition of "Kid Art Reviews" our guest reviewers are sisters: 5 year-old Millie and 6 ¾ year old Adlee. Adlee and Millie spent a Sunday afternoon with us here at SPACES intently studying (or in the words of Mille, "staring at") the work of Collin Lyons and Irina Spicaka. This is what they had to say about our winter projects.

Questions about a Specific Piece in the Exhibition
(SPACES) What is your favorite piece in the show and why is it your favorite?

(Adlee) I like the big rock because it's humongous and lumpy, bumpy.

(Mille) I like the shiny pretty one made out of metal. It looks like a statue.

(SP) If you could eat this piece what would it taste like? Would it be spicy, tart, sweet, salty, bland, etc.?

(AD) Salty, because its probably made out of salt.

(MI) It would taste like "metally"...because it's so metal, and made out of metal.

(SP) If this piece was a person you didn't know would you want to say "hi" to them or get to know them? Would they be friendly or shy?

(AD) Shy. Sure, I'd want to be friends with them because I'd want to know their name.

(MI) I'm going to say "Hi friends."

(SP) Do you think they would be friendly or shy?

(MI) Friendly. Because they'd be nice.

(SP) Does this piece remind you of anything you have seen before?

(AD) No.

(MI) Yep, reminds me of a person...a statue person.

Questions about the Exhibition in General
(SP) If you could sum the show up in one word what would that word be?

(AD) Fun, but boring a little bit. Maybe interesting.


(SP) Does this show make you want to do anything? Go ride a bike, take a nap, throw rocks, have a sandwich, draw, watch tv, play, etc.


(MI) Play, because it's very fun and I had to stare at things all day.

(SP) If there was one question you could ask the artist what would that be?

(MI) How did you make it?

(AD) Hello!

(SP) That's not a question! What would you ask them?

(AD) Hello.

(SP) Okay, moving on. If there was one thing you could say to the artist what would that be?

(MI) HI!


(SP) Out of 5 Truman's how many Truman's would you give this show?

(AD) One.

(SP) One means you didn't like it.

(AD) WHAT!? Wait, I mean 5! Five-uh!

(MI) Five!

Kid Art Review #3
Kid Art Review #3

Keywords: art review, installation, kids, opinion, sculpture
Author: Michelle Epps, Community Engagement Manager
Category: Kid Art Review


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