Kid Art Review # 6   09.30.15

For this edition of "Kid Art Review" our guest reviewers are siblings Isabella (7), Christina (6), and Amir (4). Not only did they check out our current artist projects, they met Truman and gave him plenty of belly rubs.

(SPACES) What is your favorite piece in the show and why is it your favorite?

(Together) The smoky room.

(Christina) And running through it!

(Isabella) And petting Truman!

(Christina) Oh yeah, AND, and petting Truman!

(Amir) And petting Truman!

(SP) If you could eat this piece what would it taste like? Would it be spicy, tart, sweet, salty, bland, etc.?

(Am) It would taste yucky.

(Ch) The library would taste like paint. This one time I tasted paint and it tasted just like water. My baby sister set a cup of paint down too fast and it flew in my mouth, that's how I tasted it. I was looking up to catch it to try to see where it would land but it landed in my mouth.

(SP) Sounds like a million to one shot.

(Am) Was it on your tongue?

(Ch) mmm hmmm, and it tasted weird.

(Is)I think the library would taste like paper and tape. This one time I tasted tape and it tasted sticky.

(SP) If this piece was a person you didn't know would you want to say "hi" to them or get to know them? Would they be friendly or shy?

(Am) Friendly!

(Ch) The fog would be friendly because it went in my mouth.

(Am) It went into my mouth too and it tasted like coffee

(Is) And burnt sausage

(SP) That's a lot of flavors going on there. How about "The Last Library?" Would they be friendly or shy?

(Is) The library would be shy.

(Am) Shy

(Ch) Yeah, shy, because I remember someone from Mario and he was called "Shy Guy."

(SP) Does this piece remind you of anything you have seen before?

(Is) A ghost

(Am) Pumpkins

(Ch) It reminds me of crayons and a toilet (all laugh hysterically)

(SP) Now you're just being silly. What does The Last Library remind you of?

(Am) Books (all laugh)

(SP) If you could sum the show up in one word what would that word be?

(Is) Fun

(Ch) Hey Stinky! (all laugh)

(Am) Mario 3D World

(Ch) Mario actually says it like this, "Hey Stinky" (imitates Italian accent)

(SP) Okay, moving on. Does this show make you want to do anything? Go ride a bike, take a nap, throw rocks, have a sandwich, draw, watch tv, play, etc.

(Am) Watch videos.

(Is) Play video games.

(Ch) Yeah, video games.

(SP) If there was one thing you would say to the artist what would that be?

(Is) Hey Stinky!

(Ch) {something non-sensical}

(Am) I would like to say to them, a computer.

(SP) If there was one question you could ask the artist what would that be?

(Ch) What's your favorite color?

(Is) What do you like to do?

(SP) Out of 5 Truman's how many Truman's would you give this show?

(Ch) Five

(Is) Five

(Am) Five

(Ch) Truman's cute.

Christina, Isabella, and Amir
Christina, Isabella, and Amir

Author: Michelle Epps, Community Engagement Manager
Category: Kid Art Review


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