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Can artists save the world? (The Guardian)
"The last five years have seen an unprecedented flowering of eco-awareness and activism throughout the arts, at home and abroad. From giant multiplexes to 50-seat fringe venues, from sweaty stadiums to intimate galleries, artist are talking " and singing, and writing, and painting " about the planet's inexorable drift towards disaster."

Use Their Work Free? Artists Say No to Google (
"When Google representatives recently invited dozens of prominent artists to contribute work to be featured on its new Web browser, the company enthusiastically sold the idea as an opportunity to have artwork shown to millions."
(tags: google artist.fee exposure)

Its About Time (Frieze Foundation | Talks)
Chaired by Jennifer Allen (Writer and Critic), this discussion explored the recent emphasis on temporality in art exhibitions. While considering historical and philosophical precedents, the panel looked at how and why time has become a tool for curators, and questioned the political implications of such an approach "
(tags: audio art.theory Jennifer.Allen Carsten.Höller Elena.Filipovic Peter.Osborne temporality exhibitions exhibition.theory)

artistcommunitiesresearch's Bookmarks on Delicious
Many, many links to artist residencies, alternative schools and platforms, and funding sources.
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What Jerry Saltz v. MoMA means for art in America (Modern Art Notes)
"When the ghetto is interested in talking with only the ghetto, how and why should anyone with a less specific interest in culture care about what we think is important? When art lovers talk only to those already in their circle, the circle will shrink."
(tags: audience art.criticism JErry.Saltz Tyler.Green MOMA Ann.Temkin gender.bias)

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