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Ed Winkleman on Opening an Art Gallery (Recession Be Damned) (
"With an emerging program of wholly unknown artists it takes three to five years for that business to become profitable. If you are more or less going to be struggling during that time regardless of what the economy is doing, and you have an eye toward the economy improving in a few years, you can imagine that your name recognition is going to start rising when people are going to start buying again. Whereas if you wait, you will be starting at ground zero on the name-recognition end of it and playing catch-up when a whole bunch of other people are trying to get into the game."

Is the art at the Walker stupid? Who gets to decide?
"On the other side of the argument is the idea that his opinion is completely uninformed and while hes entitled to his opinion, hes not entitled to be taken seriously. There are subjective (I liked/hated it) and objective (the artist did/didnt meet their stated objective) ways to critique art. Youll probably have a better experience of the art if you do a little reading or take advantage of the many tools that museums in general and the Walker in particular provide for you to learn about what youre looking at. And if you still dont like it, youll be better able to state why."
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