links for 2009-08-21: Charts and Graphs Edition   08.21.09

Billie Jean Chart
She's just a girl...

Evita Map
Don't cry for me...
(tags: humor charts.and.graphs)

Blur "Boys and Girls" Chart
Love in the nineties is paranoid.
(tags: humor charts.and.graphs Blur)

Nothin' But a G Thang Pie Chart
Dre, creep to the mic like a phantom.
(tags: humor charts.and.graphs Dr.Dre Snoop.Dog)

Cecilia As a Pie Chart
Oh, Cecilia.
(tags: humor charts.and.graphs)

A Flow Chart of Total Eclipse of the Heart
I really need you tonight. (via Coudal)
(tags: humor charts.and.graphs Bonnie.Tyler)

Author: Christopher Lynn, Executive Director
Category: Links


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