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Pekar Works Hard for the Money (Cleveland Scene)
"The Pekar Project is a web comic series published by SMITH magazine, edited by Jeff Newelt. Its a multifaceted adventure in the real-life stories of Harvey. New comics are published every other week at, along with interviews, artist spotlights and other material. Artists include New Yorkers Rick Parker and Sean Pryor, Los Angelino Joseph Remnant and Clevelander Tara Seibel."

The Importance of Being Unimportant (The Brooklyn Rail)
'Art' can be unimportant and still allow for the experience of a work of art to be life-changing. I value the memories I have of listening to baseball games on my grandparents porch, but Baseball, as a concept, remains entirely unimportant. Such concepts as baseball, art, and Hickeys example of rock and roll, are wholly unimportant except for the experiences they foster and the history to which they contribute."
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Author: Christopher Lynn, Executive Director
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