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Fine arts not in Patricks Creative Economy?
"Massachusetts art folks had a crush on Deval Patrick (pictured here) when he ran for governor in 2006. People loved it when he said in his victory speech that November that 'You are ... artists looking to be valued' and 'We have a mandate ... to help the creative economy flourish.' But the question has always been: Who are Governor Patrick and other Massachusetts political leaders talking about when they say they support the creative economy?"

From rags to artistic riches (JSOnline)
"Grabner and her husband, Brad Killam, artists and gallery owners from the Chicago area, purchased the farm for about $150,000 and are turning it into a contemporary art space. Set among farmlands, wetlands and small rivers in Waupaca County, with a population of about 1,300, Manawa is about the most unexpected setting for the international avant-garde. And that is part of the point. The setting, which has also been a rest home, a religious retreat center and most recently a flop house, will provide seclusion for working artists and a destination for seeing art, Grabner said."
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