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Felipe Castelblanco is Jon Rubin's collaborator on The Foreigner (February 1 – April 6, 2013), and he has his own history of global collaborative and interactive art.

He worked with rural inhabitants of Jericó in the Colombian Andes to create workshops about Andy Warhol's work and silkscreening techniques. Castelblanco has stated:

"The workshops engaged almost 300 people–including school children, local educators as well as drug-addicted youth from a nearby rehab shelter–allowing them to discuss and appropriate Warhol's strategies by using local referents to produce portraits, collages and silkscreened T-shirts. These workshops helped to expand on Jerico's sudden surge of interest in Warhol, and in art in general, as well as to create dialogue between North American Pop icons and local imagery."

In another project, Norte Es Sur / South Is North, Castelblanco collaborated with participants in collaboration with participants from around the world including the US, Colombia, Brazil, Iceland, The Netherlands, Namibia, Russia, Yemen, W Australia and South Korea. Of this project, Castelblanco says:

"Norte / Sur—is the first piece of an on-going body of work. It is a collection of videos that show two places located within the same geographical longitude, but one in the Southern and the other in the Northern hemisphere. Both places are seen through a glass lens that alters the orientation of the horizon line in the final images."

More information at:

Image: Felipe Castelblanco, <em>Norte Es Sur / South Is North</em> (installation view), 2011.
Image: Felipe Castelblanco, Norte Es Sur / South Is North (installation view), 2011.

Keywords: felipe castelblanco, jon rubin, performance art, r&d, social intervention, social practice, the foreigner
Author: Christopher Lynn, Executive Director
Category: Artists


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