SPACES Annual Giving Letter 2010   08.22.11

Let's be honest: donation letters are as dry and boring as C-Span. Yes, they are earnest, but they are so dragged down in their traditional letter formats that no one reads them any more. The poor recipients quickly skim the missive to determine what is being asked and then donate (if they don't just toss it in the trash first). The letters are, by nature, forgettable.

To keep our audiences from falling asleep while reading our annual giving plea, drooling profusely at their table and thereby prematurely activating the glue on the SASE, we decided to liven it up a bit. Because, what is more entertaining than a flow chart? Really!? Click on the image below to see a sample of our 2010 letter.

Our 2011 is currently in the works, so brace yourselves.

SPACES 2010 Annual Giving Letter (click to enlarge)
SPACES 2010 Annual Giving Letter (click to enlarge)

Keywords: annual giving, donate, entertainment
Author: Christopher Lynn, Executive Director
Category: General


Christopher Lynn / 6 years ago

Kate, that contribution is immeasurable. Did I spell Quaddlebaum right?

Kate Bartholomew / 6 years ago

I feel like I contributed because of the "Polly Quaddlebaum."

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