SPACES is not located in New York city   08.10.09

When you walk into SPACES gallery you are not immediately met with a silent hush and if youre lucky, a haughty glance from the receptionist. The door isnt as tall as a house or as heavy as one nor is it made out of solid frosted glass. Upon entering SPACES you are met with the glow of natural light and, if its hot out, the warm rush of un-conditioned air. The natural wood floor will creak in an effort to immediately welcome you in.

Those creaks from the floor will mix with the various personal soundtracks playing at the staffs computers. Who knows, you might even be invited to participate in one of our spontaneous dance parties (weve been known to bust out to Beyonce). We may be Midwest but we know how to shake it down.

And yes, we have a bathroom (straight ahead and to your left). And yes, you may use it. But we also know interesting facts about the art installed and the artists who installed it (these elephants were delivered to us in boxes 2 hours before the exhibition opened). We may all wear trendy thick plastic glasses but were approachable (and smart) and happy to talk.

So next time youre in Cleveland or read a story on our blog take a second to introduce yourself. We're here for you and we want to know what you think. Because were located in Ohio, "The heart of it all, and SPACES takes heart seriously.

Contributed by: Susan Vincent, SPACELab Manager and front desk sitter

Author: Christopher Lynn, Executive Director
Category: General


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