Farm Stories   06.03.11

Right now at SPACES we've got Farmed, The New Agronomists. The exhibition looks at farming and the production of foods and goods. Each artist, in his or her own way, looks at the questions of land, material, and animal.

Michael Mercil put up a narrative trailer about his farmed plot of land at the Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus, Ohio. He also makes the myths of farming 3-dimensional with wall art and sculptures.

Amy Young is growing an edible garden made nutrient rich by worms. By feeding the worms uneaten food and old newspapers, the system transforms waste into food.

Just as these two artists offer commentary on farming and gardening, so too people with farms and gardens have been coming in and sharing with us their stories. Now we want you to share your farm and garden stories here! Some questions to consider: Why did you start your farm or garden? Was the outcome as you expected? What do you foresee as its future?

One more thing: If you are looking for an artist to add another element to your farm or garden, give Tiffany or Vince a call at Cleveland Public Art. Their number is 216-621-5330. They can also be reached at either (for Tiffany) or (for Vince). Enjoy!

photo by cwwycoff1 @ flickr.  see
photo by cwwycoff1 @ flickr. see

Keywords: amy young, farm stories, farmed, michael mercil
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