Take action for the arts   05.24.11

Advocacy efforts in March, April, and May resulted in the Ohio House of Representatives including an additional $3 million for the arts in their version of the state budget.

The budget is now in the hands of the Ohio Senate for their consideration and recommendations. With news of improved revenues coming into the state of Ohio and remembering the drastic 47% cut to the arts in the current biennium, we find ourselves at a pivotal juncture.

Please make personal contact with your senator to voice your support of the arts and the benefits the community derives from the work of arts organizations. SPACES sent letters to House Representatives and Senators who sit on the budget and finance committees. Now it's your turn!

For reference and information, please visit Ohio Citizens for the Arts.

Keywords: advocacy, arts, funding
Author: Martha Loughridge, Development Director
Category: General

Arts Education Blog Salon   03.14.11

Americans for the Arts is celebrating Youth Arts Month with an Arts Education Blog Salon and a campaign encouraging advocates to testify on behalf of arts education at local school board meetings. The Blog Salon will run from March 1418, featuring posts on a variety of arts education subjects from 15 experts across the country. New posts will be added each day, so stop by often! We also encourage you to sign up to support arts education at a school board meeting this month. To find out more about the initiative, pledge to participate, and receive access to a free webinar to help you prepare for the meeting, visit their sign-up page.

Visit the Arts Education Blog Salon at

Keywords: advocacy, arts, education, youth
Author: Martha Loughridge, Development Director
Category: General

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