De Kattenkabinet - The Cat Cabinet Museum   12.11.11

We (Kate Sopko, Residency Champion, and Martha Loughridge, Development Director) arrived safely this morning in Amsterdam. While we explored the central city, we came across (not completely coincidentally) De Kattenkabinet - The Cat Cabinet Museum. (Ben and Jessica were were thinking of you!) Housed in the ornate rooms of a 1667 building alongside prestigious lawyers' and banks' offices, cat sculptures, paintings, posters, miniatures, and books about felines are exhibited in an amusingly professional and serious way. Live piano music filled the air during our visit. Created by the building owner, who lives with his five cats live on the upper floors, the museum was created in 1990 to preserve the memory of his beloved cat Tom. It was a sight to behold! To see some samples from the collection visit:

Keywords: amsterdam, ben kinsley, cats, jessica langley, make catopia real, museum
Author: Martha Loughridge, Development Director
Category: General

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