Bike Tour This Saturday   06.01.12

In honor of this Saturday's "Ohio City Bike Co-Op Social Ride to Cleveland-Area Crime Scenes," taking place from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. (meet at the Co-Op at 1840 Columbus Rd), we have a collection of fun facts about bicycles and crime scenes. YAY BICYCLES!


  • Before the bicycle, a German baron named Karl von Drais invented a contraption called the "draisine," which had two wheels. It looked a lot like a bike, but it didn't have pedals, so to operate it you had to push your legs off of the ground. It's an important predecessor to the bicycle. But aren't you glad that bicycles have handbrakes and pedals now? I sure am!

  • As you probably know, the Wright brothers owned a bike repair shop in Dayton, Ohio. They used it to build their airplane in 1903.

  • Every year, 100 million bicycles are manufactured! That's 273,973 bikes a day!

  • The longest tandem bicycle ever made could seat 35 people. While not especially practical with a length of 67 feet, it certainly was a sight to see!

BONUS UNICYCLE FACT: Emerson Elementary School in Lakewood has a unicycle club. They make an annual appearance in the Fourth of July Parade. It's one of the most popular activities at the school.


  • In 1924, the Cleveland Police Department founded the Women's Bureau of the Cleveland Police Dept. This was the only opportunity for women to serve as police officers. There was a law restricting the number of women in the force to 50 until 1973, when the ruke was repealed.

  • My personal favorite Cleveland area crime is the Daniel Kaber murder of 1919. He was stabbed 24 times. During the autopsy, they found a ridiculous amount of arsenic in his body. But that's not the interesting part. When police interrogated his wife, she said that she hired men to dress up as ghosts to drive the evil spirits out of his body. Four women were tried in this case. During the trial, his step-daughter cried when asked to testify against her mother. This girl, Marian McArdle, was in the company of a touring musical called "Pretty Baby" but was forced to leave in order to deal with all the business surrounding the murder trial.








By Kevin Ritter, SPACES Intern

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30-Second Anthems: Vote For Your Favorite   04.13.12

Now is your chance to vote for your favorite 30-second anthem from our competition! To vote, just complete the form below. You may vote once in the adult category and once in the kids category. The deadline to vote is Monday, May 14th, 2012.

All work will be included in the upcoming SPACES exhibition The Cleveland Convention and Visitors Bureau (May 11 – July 13, 2012).

30-Second Anthems: Adults

Artist: Greg Crowe
Title: Cleveland Waits

Artist: Troy Blum
Title: Cleveland Anthem

Artist: K-Von the Great

Artist: Wolfy Part II
Title: Polka Gauntlet

Artist: Wolfy Part II

Artist: John Arlis
Title: This Place Called Cleveland

Artist: Paul Sydorenko
Title: CPP

30-Second Anthems: Kids

Artist: Brittany J.H.

Artist: Claudia J.Z.

Artist: Olivia W.

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Author: Christopher Lynn, Executive Director
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Anthem and Postcard Winners!   04.12.12

After arduous deliberation among the judges, we FINALLY have our winners for the Cleveland Postcard Design Competition and the 30-Second Cleveland Anthem Competition. We really appreciate all who entered and we will soon post all entries so that the general public can vote for their favorites.

We also want to extend a special thanks to our panel of judges:

Postcard Judges

Steve Presser of Big Fun
Christopher Busta-Peck, MLIS of Cleveland Area History

Anthem Judges

Cindy Barber of the Beachland Ballroom
Chris Klasa (Mr. Suit aka DJ Total Business) from WCSB

And without further ado... our WINNERS!

30-second Anthem: Adults

1st Prize: K-Von the Great
Prize: $150 cash money

2nd Prize: Paul Sydorenko
Prize: A selection of 1 artwork from the 2011 or 2012 Monster Drawing Rally + 4 free passes to the Cleveland Cinematheque

3rd Prize: John Arlis
Prize: 2 admission tickets to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

30-second Anthem: Kids

1st Prize: Brittany J. H.
Prize: Family/Couple Membership to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History + 2 tickets to Cleveland Cinemas

Second Prize: Claudia J. Z.
Prize: 3 tickets to Cleveland Cinemas

3rd Prize: Olivia Witt
Prize: $10 cash + 1 ticket to Cleveland Cinemas

Postcards: Adults

1st Prize: Tom Szorady
Prize: 2 night stay in the Marriott Residence Inn Cleveland Downtown + a personalized private tour of downtown Cleveland with the Associate Director of the Historic Gateway Neighbrohood Corporation

2nd Prize: Mason Milani
Prize: $50 gift card to Fat Cats restaurant in Tremont

3rd Prize: Cle Colectiv
Prize: $25 cash

Honorable Mention: Sara E. Hoover
Prize: 3 tickets to Cleveland Cinemas

Postcards: Kids

1st Prize: Brad A.
Prize: 1-year Family Membership to the Cleveland Zoological Society + 2 tickets to Cleveland Cinemas

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Author: Christopher Lynn, Executive Director
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