eFELT subscription 05 | Lenka Clayton   03.10.15

FELT BOOK - eFelt newsletter #5
This week features Lenka Clayton.

Cure for Loneliness

Here, on one handy page (please print out) are the names of most of the people that you will come across in the next while. If you already know some of them then cut their names from the printed page, fold the little paper pieces up small and carry them around in your pocket. As you go about your days, think of them in there.

When you meet the other named people (at the bank, buying yogurt) tear them out too, fold them up and add them to your pocket. Be careful to remove all names from all pockets before washing clothes.

equipment required: printer, paper, sharp knife, pocket

Lenka Clayton

The FELT BOOK is a new collaborative publication by the Institute for New Feeling (IfNf) . A selection of artists contributions from the full publication are on view at SPACES , January 30-March 27, 2015.

The book is a collection of home remedies created by 40+ invited artists. The works submitted are as simple as a single sentence, while others include images, video, and web-based interactions. Each invited artist was asked to take on the IfNf mission statement: to explore "new ways of feeling, and ways of feeling new."

Visitors are invited to sign up for the free eFELT subscription service to receive a weekly remedy by email.

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For a current full list of FELT BOOK artists click here

The Institute for New Feeling, is
Scott Andrew, Agnes Bolt & Nina Sarnelle

Cure for Loneliness, by Lenka Clayton
Cure for Loneliness, by Lenka Clayton

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