Polka Zombie Contest   09.13.12

With the impending Polkapocalypse (, SPACES' Annual Benefit and Art Auction, we announce a call for polka zombies. Channel your Czech-Polish supernatural powers into depicting a polka-dotted ghoul, a zombie barmaid, or even an undead James K. Polk. Entries may be drawings, paintings, digital manipulations, or photographs of your awe-inspiring make-up skills—any medium that can translate into a 2-dimensional jpg.

A panel of local bloggers and luminaries will jury all entries and announce a new semi-final winner each week in October starting October 10th. Keep in mind, that your entry is only considered for the week it comes in. Avoid being part of a massive Oct 24th pile-up and enter early and often! Weekly winners will receive one free general admission ticket to the benefit (8 p.m. – 1 a.m.) where one final winner will crowned Zombie King or Queen and claim the grand prize of a package of original art (of his/her choice), a gift card to a local merchant, and spooky surprises from beyond.

The (un)deadlines are:
Week 1: October 3rd | Winner announced: October 10th
Week 2: October 10th | Winner announced: October 17th
Week 3: October 17th | Winner announced: October 24th
Week 4: October 24th | Winner announced: October 31st

All entries must be emailed in JPG format to by the (un)deadlines listed above. All submissions must include the following information:

Mailing Address (street, apt. number, city, state, zip):

By submitting the attached Material(s) and information, you acknowledge that you are at least 18 years of age and are the creator and copyright holder of Material(s), and grant SPACES unlimited, non-exclusive rights to publicly exhibit/perform and make publicly available digitally the Material(s).


Q: How old do I have to be to enter?
A: At least 18 years of age at the time of submission.

Q: How many times may I enter?
A: As many times as you like, but don't kill yourself over this (even if you think you'll rise from the dead).

Q: Does it have to be just one zombie?
A: You can depict a murder (herd? clutch? coven? pod?) of zombies if you like, but there must be at least one. Heck, it doesn't even have to be formerly human. Bring on the undead raccoons and cats!

Q: Must I include a polka theme?
A: Yes! It is the Polkapocalypse after all. But we use the term "polka" very loosely and welcome puns, wordplay and creative rule bending.

Q: Do you have to enter every weekly contest?
A: No -- for example, if you miss the first week, enter the second, or third. Just be sure to enter by the final deadline on October 24 to be considered for both the general admission ticket and the grand prize package.

Q: If I apply in time for a deadline and don't win, is that same work considered for all future deadlines?
A: Nope. Sorry. You may resubmit the same work, but it won't carry-over. These aren't your unused mobile minutes.

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Author: Christopher Lynn, Executive Director
Category: Events

Anthem and Postcard Winners!   04.12.12

After arduous deliberation among the judges, we FINALLY have our winners for the Cleveland Postcard Design Competition and the 30-Second Cleveland Anthem Competition. We really appreciate all who entered and we will soon post all entries so that the general public can vote for their favorites.

We also want to extend a special thanks to our panel of judges:

Postcard Judges

Steve Presser of Big Fun
Christopher Busta-Peck, MLIS of Cleveland Area History

Anthem Judges

Cindy Barber of the Beachland Ballroom
Chris Klasa (Mr. Suit aka DJ Total Business) from WCSB

And without further ado... our WINNERS!

30-second Anthem: Adults

1st Prize: K-Von the Great
Prize: $150 cash money

2nd Prize: Paul Sydorenko
Prize: A selection of 1 artwork from the 2011 or 2012 Monster Drawing Rally + 4 free passes to the Cleveland Cinematheque

3rd Prize: John Arlis
Prize: 2 admission tickets to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

30-second Anthem: Kids

1st Prize: Brittany J. H.
Prize: Family/Couple Membership to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History + 2 tickets to Cleveland Cinemas

Second Prize: Claudia J. Z.
Prize: 3 tickets to Cleveland Cinemas

3rd Prize: Olivia Witt
Prize: $10 cash + 1 ticket to Cleveland Cinemas

Postcards: Adults

1st Prize: Tom Szorady
Prize: 2 night stay in the Marriott Residence Inn Cleveland Downtown + a personalized private tour of downtown Cleveland with the Associate Director of the Historic Gateway Neighbrohood Corporation

2nd Prize: Mason Milani
Prize: $50 gift card to Fat Cats restaurant in Tremont

3rd Prize: Cle Colectiv
Prize: $25 cash

Honorable Mention: Sara E. Hoover
Prize: 3 tickets to Cleveland Cinemas

Postcards: Kids

1st Prize: Brad A.
Prize: 1-year Family Membership to the Cleveland Zoological Society + 2 tickets to Cleveland Cinemas

Keywords: anthem, cle, cleveland, competition, contest, postcard
Author: Christopher Lynn, Executive Director
Category: Exhibitions

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