Buffalo Milk Yogurt   02.15.11

This week in and around the gallery, two artists from Machine Project will be performing: Ezra Buchla and Corey Fogel. Last week, Corey poked his head into my office and asked about Jennifer Levonian, an artist whose work we had on view in The Vault. I explained that I saw her work in Philadelphia and then requested that she send us a couple of videos for inclusion in The Vault, but that I had no extensive contact with her.

Corey then explained that Jennifer had once created an entire animation using Corey as her subject. They had met at a residency program. Jennifer used Corey's image and Corey created many of the sounds for the animation. The art world is often a very small and funny place. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you that video, Buffalo Milk Yogurt:

Keywords: animation, corey fogel, jennifer levonian, machine project, video art
Author: Christopher Lynn, Executive Director

Me and the Crew!   01.27.11

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Plush, bulls and erie machine sounds are gone from the gallery…now to prep for the next exhibition and believe it or not, the next benefit.

February 11 - April 01, 2011

Machine Project <> : Camp Cleveland will invade SPACES with a troop of artists from Los Angeles who will brave the Cleveland cold and bring their West Coast styles to the North Coast. Machine Project is known for their thoughtful and off-kilter approaches to art experiences. During the run of the exhibition MP has scheduled over 15 interactive events, lectures and workshops.

And Elizabeth Dunfee <> is our next SPACELab artist. Based in Akron, her current work explodes off the wall with microscopic cell imagery, showing what happens when we tamper with natural elements and infuse them with toxic and synthetic elements.

And then there is the benefit. What can I say?…. details to follow.

So right now the crew and I are working on prepping the gallery and couches for MP, shipping fun creatures and working out the logistics of the LA invasion (11 artists--yes, 11).

Want to help and hang out with a lot of cool artists? Contact me, and you too can be part of the crew.

Here is a taste of Machine Projects' Corey Fogel. Corey will be performing at SPACES Feb 15-21, 2011. See you at SPACES!

 Elizabeth Dunfee, Manic Growth (work in progress), 2011, digital image
Elizabeth Dunfee, Manic Growth (work in progress), 2011, digital image

Keywords: chemicals interactions, corey fogel, elizabeth dunfee, experimental music, machine project, the mae shi, video art
Author: Marilyn Ladd-Simmons, Gallery Manager
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